What are the best CDR's for Wav

Can any body tell us what is the best cdr’s for burning Wav Music CD’s. Ones that might play in my in-car cd player?

What are the best CDR’s for Wav :confused:

Depends on both writer and player.

But discs that I’ve nearly always had success with when it comes to music is Kodak and mitsui toatsu (Especially the good old gold types).



Oh God OF Burning - you may hate Kodak - but you are beginning to make yourself look silly by your continual dissing of the workd renowned best quality cd’s ever made.

Many people on this and other forums with years experience know Kodak and Mitsui to be the best available - at a price, and where the price differential is a matter of 2-3 times that is hardly part of the equation if quality is what you are after.

The industry uses Kodak and Mitsui purely because they have proven themselves to be quality media with a reputation to uphold.

My company (BBC) uses Kodak / Mitsui gold 74min media for archiving old recordings as they are tough, have very good error rate levels and as best as can be believed, very long archival life.

Other music and data archival companies use this media for the same purpose.

You are entitled to hold your opinion, but to diss the world regarded quality leader over and over again in this way seems silly.


Kodak are not good at all. it seems they have fooled many people at this forum. they loose their data layer very easily and are not ideal for everyday use. maybe if you store them in a case and archive them they will last long. verbatim are the best to my experience and they survive anything. and top cdwriter sites such as plextor and ricoh highly reccomend verbatim metal or super azo cdrs. plextor reccomended kodak about twice, but for their old 12xspeed scsi drives which also reccomended verbatim. now why do you think the best cdwriters reccomend Verbatim, taiyo Yuden and occasionally TDK? because they are better, better than kodak crap!!

Bow to verbatims excellence
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Sorry for the slight off-topic, but my LG 32x’s manual doesn’t recommend Verbatim, but it DOES recommend CMC… :confused:
Well, it also recommends good media, like Prodisc, Ricoh, Mitsui and the like.
Go figure… Also, I’m 90% sure that the Plex 40x’s manual recommends Kodak, but not Verbatim and not even Mitsui…

Kodak media is very resistant, as long as you don’t let an elephant stomp on it.
Verbatim, on the other hand, (At least the 16x Metal Azo ones) have a weird top coating that comes out by itself after some time and is kind of water-soluble…


Plextor recommend Kodak for many of their drives, and particularly the newer 241040a and 401240a (hope these figures are correct, but you know what models I mean).

Many manufacturers do not recommend the better more expensive media for a very good reason - they want to appeal to the mass market and not turn potential customers away by saying their drives are best used with expensive media - they want to sell millions of their drives to those that bulk-buy cheaper media - some of which is very good, much is total crap, and none betters Kodak / Mitsui.

Your one of the few (if not the only one) that keeps saying Kodak are absolute crap - everyone else seems to know the exact opposite.

You don’t work for verbatim by any chance do you :slight_smile:


in fact i do work for verbatim. Nah only kidding!!
icey, you say everyone knows the exact opposite. i say they think the exact opposite. i think they have been fooled by kodak. kodak must be brainwashing people around here.

use kodak, you love kodak, say good things about kodak
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i reckon the only people who have trouble with verbatim are the ones with gay burners that have weak lasers.

one last thing, many manufacturers DO reccomend good media which is occasionally expensive. who cares if it costs a little more, at least your getting good media. i remember back in the old 4x speed scsi days where cdrs costed $30-40 for 10! now it costs half the price for twice as many cdrs so dont complain!!!