What are the best AMD Serial # for Overclocking?

Hi Guys !

I wanna buy a new AMD processor and i wish to know which one are the bests for overclocking ?

I will buy 2600+ and intend to over clock to something near or more than 3000+

Some people sad that AIUGB or AIUHB are the best for that… but i could not find those here i live.

I saw one AIXIB but already look for some info without lucky

Can somebody help me with this issue ?


xp2500 barton AQXEA. that’s the best, you should beable to overclock at least 2.2ghz with one of those. A new stepping has just come out AQZFA. i don’t know how that performes but could be better

The AIUHB core you mentioned is a very good overclocker, but it’s an “old” Tbred-B core (only 256kb cache, not that big a deal btw).

I have such a CPU and I’m doing 2075Mhz with it (1667Mhz stock speed) with standard air cooling and a superb stability. I think it could even clock a lot further…

sorry i don´t know anything about processors

Is Barton i new model of AMD ?

I just wanna the same kinf]d of AMD that i have but a newer one (faster like 2600+) that can suppoert overclocking



The AMD Barton core is indeed pretty new (about 9 months old). It’s the first AMD Athlon XP core that supports 512Kb L2 cache.

The newer, slower Athlons are quite good overclockers, as they are in fact the same CPU’s as their faster brothers.

If you want a Barton that overclocks good, you should go for the 2500+ or the 2600+ (be aware, 2600+ comes both as Tbred-B and Barton, make sure you get the Barton!).

The only thing I’m worried about, is the set of overclocking features of your mainboard. AFAIK, the KT4 series doesn’t have that much overclocking options…

Ok Thanks !!!

I will get a Barton… I know that my board is not the best one for Overclocking but i will try it

If doesn’t work i will change it for ABIT

Which one do you recommend ?



the 2 best boards for overclocking are the Abit NF7 2.0 and the Epox 8rda+

oh and you will also need some better ram if you want to overclock. 333mhz/pc2700 won’t get you very far