What are the benefits of New Firmware?

I have Liteon 24X 5s54 Dec 2001 and now I saw version 5S59, can anyone tell me of any benefits I will get from upgrading to the newer firmware?
Was 5s54 able to copy cactus 200 before?

Basically are there any benefits in copying or readin with the newest firmware over the 5s54?

well they say it fixes bugs and makes it compatible with more media etc…

but as far as i know it still cant copy catus data sheild music cd’s.

p.s. i have tha same drive as u do, mine was made in dec 2001 with 5s54 firmware.

I just made the upgrade to this firmware on my 24102B and had to test the SD2 back up abillity, and I must say that the first thing that I noticed was the burn was a lot more consistant. (even with cheap smart buy media) The next thing that I noticed is that my back ups tend to load a little quicker now. Not sure if there are any bad points to this firmware as of yet, but I am sure that is there are any that it will be posted soon enough.

So far I have to say that I do like this firmware. One more thing that I noticed is that for some reason or another my 24102B was running in PIO only mode and would not make the switch to DMA till I made the upgrade to the 5s59 firmware, and I must say that it is a noticeable change with the drive running in DMA.