What are the 200-400 "Guests" looking at?



How have them come to be looking in this forum?
What are they looking at?
Why do they need to hide?
Why don’t they click my link and join?


Many finds this forum googling

Nude pics of Sexy Southerner :iagree:

To not be hitted by a flying kipper :stuck_out_tongue:

They click, but no nude pics :stuck_out_tongue:



Some may come just to search and read the posts.
Some may want to read about what they plan on buying.
Some may want to read opinions on somthing the just got.
Some may want to wait till they know more before posting.
Some may be afraid of spyware or spam.
Some may be shy of joining “Freaks”.


and some just cant be arsed to join yet another forum to get an aswer they only need 10 posts to get lol. I am a member of at least 5 forums.


Where??? :eek:


They came to look at porn, they only seen some text. :D:p


Innuendo’s … lots of them.


I should ahve added a poll


Woohoo people voted finally.


I voted too :bigsmile:


Googling for love, warez & crackz.

I just love it when you get messages from some long lost community you joined once saying how interesting you sound, and how a hot chicky babe would like to get to know you … just signup at “Link” requesting your email address … etc/etc.

Well, I’m not that silly, but I’m sure millions are :wink:


True . I saw a link to cdfreaks when I was looking for an update for shrink.
Didnt click link me thinks hackers paradise . :wink:
Saw article in local mag about all the bad things about this site
Decided to Join to find out myself. :slight_smile:
Only found how to post 2 months of joining (to shy)
Now I dont go any wear else. :cool:
Spelling mistakes ,typo ,Even puting 2 words in Word assoc Game.Sorry bigmike7 :bow: And for the others I try to put in some punctuation , and not write in one big block :bigsmile:

see how slow i am befor i finnish 2 posters get in before me SO you Know why i get Q wrong:sad:


Really. Still have it? or know of the website it is on?

Might be a good read.


Might provide a good laugh, like all things ignorant and stupid :wink:


Agree with both Womble and Debro ;)…I wouldn’t mind knowing which mag that info came from either :slight_smile:


No it was not a whole article but a comment made by one of the chaps that
people write in to for problems ,Telling then that if they come on this site they will come away with 3 viruses and a trojan.
Now this is a person that when asked (how do I make my Hard Drive in2 will give a comment with an Axe)
And snippets in the letter page ect.

Sorry I took so long( Blond moment )closed my browser instead of tiny spell .


Oh we get PC Format here as well, if it’s the guy I’m thinking of that does the problem page, he can be pretty sarcastic (sometimes to the point of being rude) :wink:

Edit: just goes to show you can’t believe all you read :wink:


Especially in rubbish like commercial magazines, eh? :slight_smile:
Commercial magazines are only good for two thing … worms & microbes.
And on that, the dyes probably aren’t too healthy either … so scratch those thoughts.

Commercial Magazines, can’t read them, can’t safely dispose of them :stuck_out_tongue:


Cat litter :iagree:


TRUE :slight_smile:
My Dad Says Belive NOTHING You hear and only HALF of what you see :slight_smile: