What are Sonata files?

I have several home-made dvd +R disks which play OK (in my PC) but am
unable to Rip/Copy them - dvd shrink gives an error “Invalid DVD
navigation structue”

The disks have an addition folder on them named “Video_RM” with the
following files


My guess is that these disk was originally created on a DVD+RW (maybe
the _VR format) and then copied on to an plain +R disk.

Can anyone confirm this and hopefully suggest some s/w to rip the disk
so that I make a proper copy.

The other thing is if I try to import the video into dvd-workshop it
says the first vob file is copy protected but I can rip the others.

a freind of mine put some video`s onto dvd using a standalone video/dvd player and if i remeber right they had a video_ts folder and a video_rm folder i think i just copied the video_ts folder to hard disc then burned that to a disc using nero and it played ok. try it with a RW first.

They were done on a standalone DVD TV recorder and you are correct, they are are in VR format.

As the DVD is single layer. DVD Decrypter will rip and burn these files using its ISO mode.

yes you are correct, i just dug out the discs i copied from the RWs he put the origanals on and they are still video_ts & video_rm, i can remeber copying it with just the video_ts folder but i guess it must have failed, so i must have used dvddecrypter in iso mode.

sorry for posting wrongly but it was a while ago :o

I can confirm that a SONATA file can be copied. I am an attorney, and I recently recieved such a file on a DVD that is an evidence video taken from a DUI stop by a police “in-car A/V recorder.” Normal methids of copying would not work when I tried. Maybe because it is an evidence video and they want to protect integrity. Anyway, AKO’s posting is corrct and I followed his procedure.
In MY COMPUTER, your dvd/CD drive will show SONATA. When you click on it the subfolder will read VIDEO_TS. Make sure your setting is on “All Media File Types” when you click on it and then your next layer of files will appear. You can copy it onto your C drive then go back to using your IMPORT feature in the DVD Copy program you normally use and you will be allowed to drag it into the program and burn it.

I’m having trouble ripping a DVD with sonata files. I tried to followed the instructions by ronaria but find myself unable to do so as I couldn’t find an option for “all media types” in either windows explorer or DVD decrypter. I’d be grateful for more help. Thanks