What are some of the best external dvd burners?

Hi. I need help finding out which external dvd burner is best for me. I want to buy one and want to get the best one I can get.

I’m going to be using it a lot for burning dvd-r and dvd+r movies. It can have lightscribe, that’s not too important to me. I just want one that will be fast and produce good quality at the same time.

The price range should be about $100

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

There are milllions of these questions, typically, and they don’ t really get answered, the reason why is

1/ most would rather discuss the minutae ins and outs of things and not really answer these, too, because there are so many of these questions, and

2/ there is no answer to a best dvd period, they all have different strengths and weaknesses its down to your objective, for which you are largely expected to search for in the forums, the answers are there.

that’s why the questions don’t get answered anymore, personal preference, brand loyalty, and answers have been said.

there is no answer, any of the 5 should suffice, liteon, samsung, lg, optiarc/sony, pioneer take your pick.you shouldn’t go far wrong with any really

don’t get anal and too caught up with it, its an easy mistake to make

anyone considering posing a best burner question would do well to read this and understand the forums position now on this.

perhaps a sticky could be made saying that? the questions will continue and people will think its rude not to be answered but that’s why.

The best burner and the best available burner are two different things. There are a lot of burners we could recommend, but whether you can buy them anymore, and if so, can you buy them where you are located are other matters entirely.

For example, I could say that the Samsung SE-S204E or SE-S204S would be your best choice. However, those are discontinued and the only way you can buy one is on eBay, if you’re comfortable with that.

I’d say most of the burners in my signature are good. Since all are in Mapower H51 enclosures I have more or less only external devices…:iagree: