What are some good dvd-r?

Anyone have a site besides fatwallet.com that might have some good deals on dvd-r’s ? Also how good are ritek or fugi dvd-r’s ?

Ritek are great discs for the money but just be careful where you order them from and to avoid other labels that claim to carry Ritek dye. Fujifilm DVD-Rs depend on where they are made. If they are made in Japan then I believe that they are Taiyo Yuden which are unquestionably the best quality media out there. If they are made in Taiwan however, they are just overpriced Prodisc. Prodisc aren’t terrible but I would definitely order generic prodisc before getting Fuji labeled ones because, even on sale they will still be more expensive. 100 pack of Prodisc DVD-R can be had for $35+shipping from www.rima.com and TY can be found there in 50 packs for $40+shipping. I realize the TY discs are more expensive but keep in mind that you are getting nothing but the best when you pick those up. :wink:


Agree with Jesterrace-

I have been having very good results with Prodisc media and the -R’s are Pioneer Certified (have to pass over 100 tests) and like Jesterrace says - get your media from a reputable dealer like www.meritline.com or www.supermedia.com and you will benefit from a 60 day return guarantee-

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Err meritline has had some issues with selling fakes as of late. :wink: I personally recommend Ritek over Prodisc but both seem to be recommended about the same on this site.


I use Ritek (G04) and Prodisc 8X white inkjets (media ID MCC 02RG20). I’ve purchased from a number of vendors without any problems:



I went with whomever had the best deal going - never had a problen.

Anyone else ever order from them


if so how are they, they have some riteks on sale.

Yo 90blackcrx-

Have found them to be more expensive than either www.supermediastore.com or www.meritline.com and Jesterrace has turned me on www.rima.com (kicka$$ ratings on www.resellers.com)

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Anyone have the website with the ratings of companies, I think it was called like no more coasters, has anyone tried sonic dvd-r ?