What are some good cd-r's?

I know, search the forum and I did. I use about 1 cd-r a month so I have not had a lot of reason to keep up with whats good and where to get it. I have a few hundred cd-r’s on the shelf so thats basically a lifetime supply (I havent bought cd-r’s in well over a year). Someone at work is having problems burning though and asked what was good. I need a brand or two that I can recomend (something that he can just get at the local office supply in the US).
From what I can tell from searching, verbatium, maxell and sony xl (not xq) would be good to recomend and avoid made in china or india on these brands. Does that sound about right? Also, I checked out a spindle of sony that I had and didn’t see anything refering to xl or xq on the package but they are a couple of years old. Will he be able to tell on a new package what it is?
Thanks for any help.

Yo ripit-

The absolute best are the Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s-
and www.rima.com is THE place to get them-


Fuji MIJ are TY’s also

catch them on sale at best buy

Hi I have been using Maxell CD-R Pro 48X700MB, 80 min and triple coated.
I have found these excellent as the coating indeed seems to keep them from getting scratched more easily.

I purchased them at Staples on sale, $9.99 for a 10 pack. Unfortunately they don’t seem to package them in high volumes.

They certainly do the job for me.

Just my personal experience, I also use the Sony Brand but there is no specific model name as you had mentioned.


Really after investigating this topic I have to say I don’t believe any CD-r from any reputable company shouldn’t be much different than one another.That being said don’t buy rejects at the flea market, don’t buy a name you’ve never heard of, and don’t use recycled discs.The things are cheap so always use clean new discs.Your burner will appreciate it believe me.The preferences after this fall under individual taste.If you have a serious ear for music and can tell the difference from using one disc or another go for it.If your burner can tell the difference then so be it.Just buy good name brand discs and you should be fine.
Here’s a link that may help http://www.webtree.ca/newlife/cd_burning_info.htm

thanks for the advice everyone.