What are some dvdr uses?

i am trying to convense myself that i want one, but i can’t really think of a reason i need one. 4.7gb per disk yeah would be nice for a backup but what else? my games dont require it to be backed up. i do have an extensive dvd collection i would like to protect but i noticed that most of them are multidisk and use 5-16gigs each. much more then the 4.7, so its limited for backing up my dvds as they are now. at 1$ or more per disk seems a bit much considering most cdrs can be gotten for free or very low prices.

so what do u guys use them for?


Porn, lots and lots of porn. 280GB of HD space just ain’t enough man.

lol thats a lot of porn. i can’t say i am into collecting porn.

I kinda agree with Stoner…looks innocent :o

I use em to back up my vast audio collection, back up MP3’s, and backup movies from old VHS that aren’t available on DVD yet for purchase.

I picked up an NEC-1100A DVD+R burner from NewEgg for $159 and it was worth every penny so far. :bigsmile:


Limahl, you should’ve waited a week, 'cause that drive is down to $149 now.:frowning:

Bah, not gonna sweat a few bucks.

The price will continue to drop like a rock until they sell out of them, so it was a losing proposition no matter what. The 1100A is an older model and headed out to pasture, but its fine for a simple user like me.

Overall, I’m happy with it so far, and as long as it doesnt break, I’ll remain happy that I can burn off tons of things that were sucking up most of the 240GB of HD space I’ve got in this box. :slight_smile:


how would it work to store multi cd’s on one dvdr? like my expensive training software that i want to back up but can’t see using 100+ cd’s to back it up as most of them only use 50-300mb per cd.

would it be good for that?

I would think so.

Make ISO images and/or compress them down. You could fit about 7 normal CD’s onto 1 DVD (assuming 4.3 Gig capacity of the DVD and 600MB for the CD’s).

Sounds like a plan to me.


kool that sounds like a good idea. would be nice to backup my videos and mp3’s. now i just wish that car audio would play dvdr for mp3’s.