What are people's opinions on the best writer on the UK market at the moment?

Good afternoon, boys, girls and otherwise.

Having been a sporadic visitor to this place, it’s time for a couple of very basic questions, but first …

considering the amount of times I’ve helped myself to various firmwares from Dee & Liggy’s site, it’s only right to finally offer a ‘thank you’, from me and the other people that have used them, especially regarding the NECs.

It’s a long time since I shelled out £200 on my first DVD burner (or CD burner, for that matter), and things have changed a lot, hence my upcoming questions. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with those changes, simply being one of the people that bought a new unit, plugged it in, wore it out, bought another, and another, and so on.

So, what are people’s opinions on the best writer on the UK market at the moment? I quite like the sounds of the Plextor (it’s got fairly good reviews on here, and their CDRW were second to none). It’ll mainly be used for DVD files/isos and the odd bout of data, and preferably able to use a variety of media at most speeds.

Secondly, same question about readers. Being an avid Toshiba fan for the last few years, the new Samsung drives masqerading as Toshibas just don’t seem to be a patch on the older original Tosh drives, especially the rip speeds.

All help much appreciated, many thanks in advance.

Look at the benq in my sig… i should be getting it in the next month, and its rated as one of the best burners you can buy :slight_smile:

LOL, I love the nickname :bigsmile:

I can only go from either experience, or opinions on here…from personal experience, I’d say LG or Pioneer - but I’ve read plenty of very good things about BenQ around these parts, too :slight_smile:

I agree with Plextor CD-RWs being second to none, I had one myself back in the day :)…but I can’t say I’ve heard the same about their DVD burners, save for maybe a couple of models. :wink:

As for readers - again, from personal experience…LiteOn does it for me, being able to read even the most degraded discs I’ve had.

Hi :slight_smile:
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Plextor is still a drive to be considered. However for your purposes & pocket, I’d suggest a combination of Lite-On/BenQ.
Firstly as you use £’s I’m assuming your in the UK (yes I know there are others). If this is the case then the Philips SPD2400 which can be crossflashed to a Lite-On.(All for £20 from SVP. This then would be the reader/ripper (although makes for a goo writer too.) See this review.
The BenQ 1650 (unless you want LightScribe then 1655). These drives make the most of most media, most of the time when being used as a writer. Feature laden SolidBurn/OverSpeed/Bitsetting/WOPC control via QSuite. An excellent allrounder. (Review of 1655. The 1650 is identical except for LS. As f/w is different there’s a slight difference in performance. But this is very marginal.) The BenQ prices vary from £28 (oem 1650) to £41 (retail 1655). So the pair together for less than the Plextor PX760.

Cheers, folks, no Benqs in my area, and I needed it immediately, managed to get a 111D cheap enough, seems to be doing the job. Ta for the input. :wink:

Great choice (I can’t get a BenQ unless I shop online, either)…enjoy! :slight_smile:

Pioneer, Benq, LG, Samsung…take your pick…They is all gooduns.