What are my options for copying a key2audio v2 with a LTR-40125S?

Hi. I’ve tried everything from EAC, CloneCD and Feurio!, all of them can’t even detect the disc in the drive let alone start ripping tracks. I’ve turned off auto insert notification. My firmware is ZS0K.

I also tried the inferior aux out to line in method, but I’ve got 2 problems:

  1. I can’t seem to get my sound card via Feurio! to detect any audio input, all it has on playback is static;
  2. How do I reduce the amount of static/background electrical noise?

BTW, the CD is Shakira, Laundry Service. I’m going to return that damned thing and get a refund.

Some Lite-On drives can read Key2audio v3, the Ltr-40125s included. But the Ltr-40125s won’t read v2… I have the same drive and cd… won’t work.

Suggestion: try another drive, try a friend with a Plextor drive.

If you want to capture the sound from your normal audio cd-player, do it digitally. If that is not possible I would definitely recommond my other suggestions. You don’t want an analoge copy…

Good luck.

I have that CD, too.

It reads fine in Toshiba 1502 (only ISO-Buster) and Pioneer DVR-A03 (and of course Plextors).

Try using a program that I sometimes use with good results.
Its called FreeRip MP3, I have seen it rip Key2audio and several other protection systems, when all other programs fail, maybe it is because the code is so buggy, that the protection cant handle it :wink:

Originally posted by xorzisten
maybe it is because the code is so buggy, that the protection cant handle it :wink:

Audio protection is a hardware based protection. The protection ‘confuses’ your hardware, it has nothing to do with software. When your hardware recognizes the cd, all/most programs can rip it.