What are Memorex 16x Printable DVD+Rs?



I got a 100 pk as a gift. Who makes them? RicohJPN, CMC? :cool:


Edit: Made in Taiwan


It depends on where and when a store stocks up on those Memorex recordable DVD disks. One day, it’s CMC Magnetics; another day, Ritek; still another day, Prodisc.


These are ‘Printable’. No difference from the non-printables?


“What are Memorex 16x Printable DVD+Rs?”

Bad, very bad


Bad is the word. Buy proper media. These discs are virtually guaranteed to cause problems.


To say that they’re virtually guaranteed to cause problems is grossly exaggerating. I know that Memorex is not liked, but most of the media they use is decent, the issue is a problem of not knowing what media code you’re going to get so you can’t pick and choose what might be best suited to your particular burner(s). They’re probably RICOHJPN R03 or CMC M01, though there are other possibilities. CMC M01 can be good to marginal, depends on the batch - my Memorex CMC AM3 discs are the best among about 5 brands and burn very well, but I’ve not tried CMC M01 from Memorex so I don’t know how they are from this brand. RICOHJPN R03 that I’ve used from Memorex is good with a couple of harmless PIF spikes raising PIF totals up to around 1-1.5k. Other possibilities include MBI (usually burns well), Prodisc (very burner dependant but can burn well), Philips (haven’t used their 16x media and don’t know much about its performance), MCC004 (good but unlikely to get), possibly Optodisc (burns very well). MIT should rule out MBI though.

Would I suggest 16x Memorex to someone, considering there’s no way to identify the media inside without opening? Only if it was a great price, otherwise no. But that doesn’t mean that the media is junk, most of the media codes used are decent, it’s just a matter of not knowing what you’re going to get. The only reason I bought any in the past was that I got them for $10 per 100 and for that price I was willing to settle for whatever media code I got as I know that my burners will handle them ok. With a newer burner, most of these media codes will burn just fine. If you have an older burner then you may run into some problems (which is true of a lot of 16x media in general with older burners).

P.S. - I’m sure someone’s bound to misinterpret my point. As I said, I would not specifically tell someone ‘go buy Memorex’. But redsandvb already has these discs, and there’s no reason to imply that these discs are going to be horrible, as most of these discs will not be problematic in combination with a newer burner.


I meant that you could get a multitude of problems, from failed burns, to skipping video, to you’re burner not writing the disks properly - add to that the fact you don’t know the MID until you open the pack, and the discs may vary wildly in quality. There are simply too many possibilities of problems arising for me to recommend them.


I did not recommend them either (he already has the discs), but as I said, with most of these media codes a newer burner will not have problems with them. redsandvb’s question was who made them, and I think I probably listed about all of the possibilities, with RICOHJPN and CMC being the most likely ones. If he has a newer burner then I doubt he’ll experience problems, if it’s an older burn then problems can arise with about any 16x media.


You can’t really know they are bad until he finds out who they are actually made by, can you? And telling him to buy proper media is ignorant. He just said he got them as a gift :flower:


Yep, I think he can be forgiven :bigsmile: since the Memorexes were a gift.

If those discs were given to me, I’d hope they were CMC rather than something like Ritek. :slight_smile:


Why is that? Isn’t Ritek reputation on the net better than CMC’s one? :bigsmile:

Memorex… well I can’t recommend Memorex-branded discs either. As others have mentioned above, it’s a crapshoot. You can get from poor to rather good discs, and there is not way (that I know of) to tell the MID prior purchase, as they change every other day. You might be lucky, though.


The last printables of Memorex I was given it was a mix.

1 50 cake pack was all CMC MAG.M01
1 50 cake pack was all RICOHJPNR03
1 100 cake pack were a mix, 55 MCC…004 and 45 were CMC MAG.M01


Incredible… but true… LOL


LOL :bigsmile:

Yeah, if the OP hadn’t already received those as a gift, I’d be saying the same as everyone else in this thread - I wouldn’t recommend Memorex either. :wink:


Wow, CMC must have just slapped together 100 discs they had lying around the plant or something. Mixed MIDs, jeez. :eek:


Thats just bad - any supplier that allows that to happen is just asking for trouble. Were the MCC, RicohJPN’s and CMC’s good quality?


They come off the same mass pool of manufacturers as their non-printable brandmates - and almost always from the exact same production lots as the non-printables. As such, their quality is uneven - and usually mediocre or worse.


I’ve seen similar things from many manufacturers.
I’ve even seen a pack of TDK 16x DVD+R (Taiyo Yuden, 25 disc cakebox) which was a mix of TH000015 (average) and TH000021 (excellent).
But I’m not sure whether those things happen accidentally (just like CMC also have mixed up +R and -R a few times from what I’ve read here) or intentionally. Whether it’s done accidentally or intentionally doesn’t matter much, it just makes me feel less good :disagree:

Anyway, I would prefer 55 MCC 004 + 45 CMC MAG M01 over 100 CMC MAG M01, but 100 MCC 004 would have been perfect (in this particular case). :bigsmile:


Hahaha yeah. If I bought 100 Memorex thinking I’d get CMC MAG. M01, and it turned out some were MCC004, I’d be pleased as punch :bigsmile:


It’s CMC MAG M01 and CMC MAG[B].[/B] AM3.
DVD+R is CMC MAG and DVD-R is CMC MAG[B].[/B].

Sorry for annoying you, but I couldn’t resist :bigsmile: