What are media and ODD prices like in your country?

I was having a discussion in this thread in the BenQ forum about DW1650 prices, and it got me thinking…

What are your prices like?

Here in the UK, we don’t get a special tax on media or anything like they do in some countries, but we’re saddled with 17.5% VAT on most items (ODDs, PCs, hairdryers, toasters, clothes…). On top of that, we get retail stores who like to jack up prices (comoon everywhere, I should think).

So, do you feel you get a good deal in your country? Brag about it here, or just have a moan like me :bigsmile:

Here in Italy “VAT” is called “IVA” and it’s 20% :eek:

20%!!! And I thought we were hard done by :eek:

Hehe, 21% over here (got you geno :p). I think it’s 0,5 Euro extra on a blank dvd for copyright etc.

21%? :eek:

The German VAT is 16%, but our government tries their best to kill the economy and is going to raise them to 19% next year.

CD-ROM: € 20
DVD-ROM: € 25
CD-RW: € 35
DVD Multi: € 50

This is for big electronics chains like Media Markt or Saturn, if you go to smaller computer-only shops like K&M you might end up getting stuff cheaper, maybe even € 10 cheaper!

50 Ritek/Prodisc CD-R: € 10
(The average price was € 7 for a short time when a new Saturn opened here, and all shops went down with their prices to compete, but as Saturn raised their prices other shops followed again. Sometimes I can get 50 Ritek CD-R for € 8 though.)

25 Verbatim DVD+R: € 15
(Cheapest are HP 16x DVDs, € 11 per 25 pack. Strangely 50 packs of DVD media are much more expensive than their 25 pack friends. 50 packs often are € 35 or more!)

Yup. But somewhere is also worse… :eek:


In stores, the mean price for a single DVD media in jewel case here in Italy is around 1.80-2.00 Euro.

Nice one ET, thanks for the chart :bow:

But the poor Danish…:sad::sad:

and also the Swedish :frowning:

Ooops, Ailhead will kill me, so here’s one for him: :sad:

A typical retail 25pc DVD-spindle is around €30 - £20,26 - $38,36. Luckily I’m only an hour away from the German border :slight_smile: . The drives are about the same price here as evilboy’s.

Now I don’t feel so bad paying £14.99 for a 25pcs spindle of Verbatim T02s! :smiley:

You all make me laugh!!!
Here in france we have 20% VAT (TVA) and we pay 1.17€/dvd taxes for those F*** artist.
Which means one single dvd cost between 3 and 4€ …
The different governments that France have had for the last 20 yrs is more interested in saving their electorat than the French media industries …

Your puny VAT scares no-one! Whats the tax on petrol over there in Little Britain? Ours is 60%.

Not the artists! The industry! That’s a BIG difference.

LOL, but compared to the US, apparently we pay a lot for ODDs and media :wink:

Here in Little Britain (LOL), I have no idea about petrol tax…I’d have to ask my mum, she’s always complaining about it.

You folks gotta be kidding… In Canada You can get RiteK CDRs 50pack for $10 CAD ($9 US) + 6 or 14% tax. For genuine TY 8x 50pack I paid $20+ tax. :slight_smile:
P.S. The DVD burners start from $36 + tax

So US is the heaven for ODD and media? :smiley:

ODD from US$28 shipped & no tax (I got a NEC 3550 from newegg at this price)
Media: TY/MCC from US$18 - $20 /50pack incl tax/ship.

zevia: Indeed! Everything is cheaper in the US!
(Or Japan, if you don’t mind the prices but need rare stuff.)