What are good makes of ink carts for printers?

I’ve been getting these for my Canon Smartbase MP360. Just wondering what those in the know can tell me about good non manufacturer (as in not disgustingly overproced Canon brabd ones) ink carts. Are these any good? What are the best?

Thanks anyone who can help me!

I used Jet-Tec ones (from www.svp.co.uk) when I had my Epson, they were really good. Don’t know if they make Canon ones though.

Edit: yep, Jet-Tec make Canon compats - SVP sell them.

These type “compatable” makers and sellers are known to change ink suppliers regularly, so you never know what you’re getting. I use and recommend http://alotofthings.com/. Don’t be put off cause they’re closed right now, they are one of the top sellers in the USA, and quality is as good as it gets. Look for tanks and inks with Formulabs ink. I buy only bulk ink, but I know they have good compatables too.