What are disc icons

Burnz says you can “create photorealistic disc icons in seconds”. This is optical media burning software. Where do disc icons come in?

Googling I got all these pictures [icons] of little cd/dvd discs.

[B]Link:[/B] http://www.thinkertons.com/iconuse.htm


Thanks platinumsword for the link.

I’m still not entirely sure, but it sounds like burnz makes an icon for the cd/dvd being burned so that when it is mounted on the desktop you see that icon rather than the usual silver cd icon?


When you open Burnz Settings and select the Icon tab, you will see the icon currently set for Burnz or the Burn Settings file currently in force.

Which would mean, some evil autorun mechanism is kicking in :eek:


Uh yeah, just thinking about the current usb desaster… :frowning:

:iagree: This will kill all autorun mechanisms:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Copy all that stuff above into a new text document and save it as “kill_autorun.reg” to a place you can find it later. Then log in with admin permissions and simply doubleclick on that file. :cool: