What are clv options for the 52x, is 24x clv possible?

curious even though i wont pick one up until 52x32x52, possibily even wait until serial ata

but unless i’m in a rush i like to burn my discs at 20x clv on my 40x drive, curious if the 52x has 24x clv burn because it starts the inner track right at that speed right?

it appears that the fastest CLV speed on these drives is 16x, and from 24x -> 40x it uses P-CAV, and finally CAV for 48x and 52x.

16x is the top CLV speed, that’s right :wink:

i believe i saw some other brand offer 20x CLV in a burner, but it wasn’t liteon

Plextor can do 20x CLV, as well as Asus

No, it doesn’t - before posting my “conclusion” here I once again checked it twice with almost all my media available and the results were none other than 16x.
I know the Plex feature of 20x CLV is there but I by some reason couldn’t succeed with that.
Besides, the thread question was about the 52x drives and I’ve neither seen nor heard of the 52x Plex.

Please, correct me if I’m wrong :bow:

For LiteOn, you’re right of course. 16x is CLV, 20x is N/A, 24x is P-CAV.

I doubt you’ll ever see a Plextor 52x: Plextor is really afraid of exploding discs.

Actually, I meant my PX-W4012A - it gave me only 16x CLV. No question about the Litey.

Plextor 40x writes the Lead-In at 16x, and then starts the real data at 20x

Originally posted by alexnoe

Plextor 40x writes the Lead-In at 16x, and then starts the real data at 20x

In my case it looked like [COLOR=indigo]the Plex burnt 16x all the way, even if it was set to 20x[/COLOR]

If one really wants to do CLV burning, the LiteOn 40x firmwares prior to ZS0J will burn CLV at all speeds.

Could you clarify what you meant when saying “at all speeds” ?

Prior to ZS0J, the 40x drives only burn Z-CLV. Of course one would need a “5” series drive, not a “6” to be able to use these firmwares.

The first firmware for P-CAV was ZS0D. Some drives were shipped with ZS0F, and ZS0G was leaked.

The first firmware for P-CAV was ZS0D

You may well be correct. I can’t remember which F/W my 40x drive came with, but I know it was Z-CLV. I was thinking it was ZS0G, but I never saved the original.

actually, I bought my LiteOn 40x one day after ZS0G had been leaked :smiley:

To burn 20X CLV on Plex, TEAC, Sanyo

you need to be using Mode 1
Mode 2 will always result in 16X.

What weird kind of limitation is that? What about RAW writing? Does that allow 20x?

i currently have p-cav firmware on my 40x drive
really was a bummer when i updated to it and 20x clv (my prefered burning method) was gone

anybody know any of the firmware writers at liteon? i bet its not a massive corporate department that wont take a hint if we ask them we’d like it back

I’m not sure what that would be good for…