What are CDF\'s standards for scanning with BenQ/Nexperia drives? (BenQ EW164B)

[qanda]This thread is about the BenQ EW164B. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am now a proud owner of a BenQ/Nexperia drive… :smiley: Crossflashed a Sony DRX-810UL external drive to a BenQ DVD DD EW164B, with the added bonus of having a firewire port (which the EW164B doesn’t have).

The question now is… what are the forum’s standard settings for scanning with BenQ/Nexperia drives? Through exploration I’ve found a myriad of features, and nothing makes sense - although I’ve had experience using MediaTek scanners…

So for the Disc Quality section (and Advanced tab), what is accepted/standard in the following options?

[li] Scanning speed (4x or 8x? Does high-speed scanning provide reliable results?)[/li][li] Scanning method (CAV/P-CAV/CLV?) - Does just the “8x” option correspond to CAV?[/li][li] ECC (8/1ECC - which provides a sufficient scan? Any impact on scanning speed?)[/li][/ul]

And when does Adv. Disc Quality scanning come into play? Should I prioritize this over regular DQ scanning? Advantages/disadvantages?

I know most of this has been asked already, but since scanning is more of an “art” than a “science” due to the variances in results, and I’ve only had this drive for about 12 hours (:bigsmile:), I’m ecstatic about knowing the intricacies and possibilities of an external DW1640 as a scanning drive. :smiley:

Links or personal views are appreciated… Thanks! :flower:

[B]Scanning speed & Method[/B]

If your primary concern is to compare with other BenQ scans on our forums, you should use 8x (CAV) scanning speed.

This scanning speed provides a skewed view of jitter in my experience, so you might want to scan at 6x CLV or 4x CLV instead, if you want a “fair” view of jitter on a disc.

[B]8/1 ECC scanning[/B]

I haven’t played that much with 1 ECC scanning, which AFAIK can only be done at 4x CAV and only after pressing the “Advanced” button once.

IIRC the limits and quality score in CDSpeed incorrectly assume that 8 ECC scanning is performed even when you scan at 1 ECC.

[B]Advanced Disc Quality Scanning[/B]

The ADQ provides more information than the normal DQ scan, but the graphs are smaller, the view can be considered more confusing, and there are two windows you have to save, since the totals and averages are presented in a separate window at the end of a scan.

Thanks Drage, I was overwhelmed with all the extra options - it turns out I really don’t need all them extras. :smiley:

IIRC the limits and quality score in CDSpeed incorrectly assume that 8 ECC scanning is performed even when you scan at 1 ECC.

same experience here with 1620

Advanced Disc Quality Scanning

ive not ventured too far into understanding all the information provided, just looked at the Class Rating. DrageMester has some pretty thorough discussion concerning ADQ