What are blue rae disks

I keep hearing about this new technology. what is it? when does it come out


silver disk

typing “blu-ray” into google comes up with http://www.blu-ray.com/ as the first hit.

searching is your friend. go there and read up!

thanks. but I did search by coming here and now I have information. thanks for the link

“Blue-Rae” is the deep south’s new “ceedee” technology. It is rumored that y’all might hafta upgrade yer “Winders XP” to “Winders ‘Pretty View Over Yonder’” in order to play them thar “Blue-Rae” discs!

U ALL :bigsmile:

Gurm: Your starting to scare me :iagree: :bigsmile:

Maybe it’s the “Blu-Ra”, (a)risen from the eqyptian past.

Nope, joke ends.

Here’s alittle bit of info:


And here’s some more news on it:

SAMSUNG Heralds New Era Of Entertainment; Shows World’s First Mass-Market Blu-Ray Disc Player At CES
BD-P1000 will ship in early Spring; will become first player in U.S. stores
LAS VEGAS - January 5, 2006 - Samsung Electronics formally kicks off the era of Blu-ray today, as it demonstrates its BD-P1000 Blu-ray disc (BD) player here at CES. The new device will let consumers take full advantage of high-definition displays, playing content at native 720p or 1080i video resolutions. The player will ship in early Spring and shortly thereafter will become the first BD player from any manufacturer to be sold in the U.S. It is expected to retail for approximately $1,000.

The BD player includes a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) output, an industry-supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface on a single cable, allowing users to easily connect the Blu-ray player to their existing home televisions. It will also decode standard multi-channel audio.

“Samsung’s Blu-ray player will be the first available to consumers, and we will continue to innovate with our introduction of a Blu-ray recorder later this year,” said President Geesung Choi of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Media Business. “With today’s announcement and those to come, Samsung is demonstrating its leadership in driving the next generation optical format.”

Samsung developed all components of the BD-P1000 internally. Samsung’s unique technology - one pickup with two lenses - allows it to also play standard DVDs and CDs in addition to Blu-ray discs while allowing for more cost-effective production. The supported DVD formats include DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R. Additional features of the BD-P1000 include memory card reader, full audio format support, pop-up and always-on menu options; a full color high-definition animated button; and improved bitmap and text subtitles.

The increased storage capacity of Blu-ray discs allows the Samsung BD player to offer an astounding 25 GB of content on a single-sided disc (50 GB per dual layer) - nearly six times the capacity of traditional DVDs and enough space for two hours of high-definition movies or recorded content (see chart below).

Capacity Single Layer : 4.7 GB
Dual Layer : 8.5GB Single Layer : 25 GB
Dual Layer :50GB
Compression MPEG2 MPEG2/VC-1/H.264
Data Transfer Rate 10.08 Mbps 36 Mbps
Avg. Transfer Rate 3.5 Mbps 30 Mbps
Recording Time SD 2Hours(4.7GB) HD 2Hours(25GB)
Max Resolution SD (720 x 480) HD (1920 x 1080)
Output 480p, 480i 720p, 1080i

The Blu-ray next-generation optical disc format was created by a group of the world’s top consumer electronics companies, including Samsung. This format was intended to meet intense consumer demand for playing and recording high-definition content, which far surpasses the video quality DVD can handle. With remarkable high quality video and crisp audio clarity, Blu-ray is unsurpassed in high-definition entertainment. Other applications including gaming and interactive media will take even greater advantage of the format.

Connectivity includes CVBS Output, S-Video Output, component output, HDMI and both digital and analog audio outputs. Supported audio formats include 192KHz LPCM, Dolby digital & Dolby Digital Plus, MPEG 2, DTS and MP3. BD-P1000 also has a memory card reader supporting Compact Flash, XD Picture card, Micro Drive, SD, MMC & RS-MMC, Memory stick and Memory stick duo (all TM).

The BD-P1000 is scheduled to ship to the U.S. in early Spring 2006, in tandem with the availability of the first pre-recorded Blu-ray titles. It is expected to retail for approximately $1,000.

Ok I would have thought that my previous answer stood alone as the final word here. But apparently not.

So, more to the point:


I’m serious here. Nobody will spend $50 per movie for an experience which simply won’t exceed DVD by any noticeable margin. Especially when the player costs $1000, and the adapter so that you can plug the player into your HDTV… eek!

Not to mention that the percentage of Americans with HDTV’s is still mind-bogglingly tiny. I keep hearing how “virtually all TV’s sold now are HDTV”, but y’know what? My local Wal-Mart doesn’t have ANY HDTV’s. And that’s where America buys their TV’s!

So essentially they’re gonna move a couple thousand of these units TOTAL in the first year or two, and maybe 100,000 total discs. Compare that to the fact that a single Best Buy can move a couple thousand DVD players over a weekend by having a good sale, and that your average good film moves 100,000 units EASILY on DVD.

C’mon - stuff is still being released on VHS!

Add to all this the fact that Blue-Ray actually has COMPETITION in the form of HD-DVD, and that consumers will be UTTERLY confused… and you have a recipe for complete failure. AT BEST, Blue-Ray will be a tiny little niche market like Laserdisc. At worst, it’ll be like Betamax - gone in a couple years.

The problem with Blue-Ray aswell as HD-DVD is about AACS.
The problem with HDTV is all about HDCP and the horrible limitations Hollysh*00t has implemented with pressure.

VHS is already dead and obsolete, only DVD is the way to go for me.

Wanna know everything? Read this Cd Freaks article i made four years ago.

Blu-Ray writers will be available for the consumer market around the 3rd or 4th Quarter of 2006.

Its the new betamax :slight_smile:

Also read this: http://www.cdfreaks.com/reviews/Opinion-10-reasons-why-Blu-ray-will-become-a-success