What are all the connections on the back of the CD drive?

On the back of the CD/DVD drives there is an IDE cable, power connector, and a cable to connect to the sound card. What are the other connectors for?

It looks like one of the ‘connectors’ is actually a master/slave bridge. Is this correct? If I am using a DVD reader and a seperate burner, do I make one of them a slave and one a master? Where should I place the pin so I can do this?

Also, on my nforce-2 there are only 2 IDE connections. Can i connect 1 IDE cable using the master port to one drive and use the same cable and connect the slave part of the IDE cable to the other drive?


There is a jumper to set the master-slave setting. The setting will be indicated on the top of the drive, right at the back, above the jumper. Yes, you can use the same cable to connect the master port to one drive and the slave to another.