What are acceptable PI's for DVD9?

I get PI’s as high as 500 at the layer break. This is on Riteks and now on Verbatims.

My burner is currently LiteOn 16A7S and I am building and burning DVD9 images with ImageBurn.

Is this normal/acceptable, or should I be looking for a new burner?

I consistently get PI’s below 200 on Taiyo Yuden DVD5’s on the same burner.

Thanksfor the help.

Did the recording play OK? Higher PI’s are normal at the layer break.

I haven’t had a chance to play the disc in my DVD player yet, but I’m glad to hear that it’s common to have higher levels at the break.

That said, sometimes they can be as high as 800, too. My main question is if this is a common occurence with other people’s DL burns. Are there any DL PI images posted on these forums I could compare them to? I’m using KProbe2, of course.

Which drive are you using for scanning?

My BenQ DW1655 tends to show much higher PIE/PIF at the layer break than my LiteOn drives when scanning the same disc.

If you look in the Blank DVD Media Tests forum here, under Mitsubishi Chemicals +R DL, then there are lots of examples of MKM xxx (ie Verbatim) for you to see.

The thread is a little old at the beginning, so maybe start at the end and work back.

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Thanks for that link to the subforum - that one’s a little buried, I’d say - “International Forum:Hardware Related/Blank Media Tests/Mitsubishi Chemicals” would not have been my first spot to look for PI graphs, I’ll admit! But it’s just what I needed

I’m using the only DVD reader that I’ve got for scans, and that’s the LiteOn. But I guess it makes sense that a burner also might be the source of skewed scans, I hadn’t thought if that. I guess I’ll never know, though!