What and why is better?, the sony DW-G120A or the sony DW-Q120A?



Hi everyones.

I want to buy a dvd recorder, and I don’t know which of these recorders, the sony DW-G120A or the sony DW-Q120A, is the better one and what differences its have. I know that one of them is a DVD-RAM, but is that so important?.

Thank you very much.


DVD-RAM is the [I]only[/I] difference. For the minimal (or non-existant?) price-difference, take it (= DW-G120A). You can use a DVD-RAM disc as a little external hard drive (or a large memory-stick, if you like).


I just ran across an interesting issue with this.
While trying to burn CDs with iTunes 6.0.4…
The DW-Q120A flat out rejected the CD with the dreaded 4280 error.
(Note I tried the edit the DRVGENERALFLAGS line in “gcdrtype.cfg”. No success.)
The DW-G120A worked fine (except the last 2 tracks). I’m trying to iron out that issue now.