What and how much are you burning?



I’m quite new to the whole CD/DVD burning thing, i had a CDRW drive for two years and i used it to burn around 150-170 CDs. In september 2006 i replaced it with a DVDRW drive and since then i burned around 80 DVDs and some CDs.

Reading through the forums, i see a lot of people who claim they burned several thousands of DVDs or CDs… So i’m curious what are you people burning ? Do you have a side job where you are duplicating media or your goal is to archive to whole internet before the end of the world occurs, do you run a DVD rental and are you backuping all the stuff for own usage ? So please explain…

For me i mostly burn the stuff i downloaded from the net (music, music videos, live concerts) and some movies. I burn movies mostly to have something to exchange with friends, because once i’ve seen a movie i rarely watch it again.

P.S.: I know there is/was a similar poll on the CDFreaks main page, but i’m interested in more specific information, e.g. if you backup movies, what movies for what reasons, etc.

P.S.2: The reason i’m asking is, that i really enjoy all the stuff around DVD burning (quality scanning, comparing media, etc) and i was thinking about getting a BenQ drive while i still can, but i realised that mostly i have nothing to burn


I’m mostly burning up my money and gas, running around to all these deals and buying up a bunch of stuff that will last me for years… ha ha ha


The what…

My burns by order of quantity:

  1. DVD+R /DVD+R DL for file back-up
  2. DVD+R /DVD+R DL for movie back-up
  3. CD-R for making “favorite music CDs”
  4. DVD+RW / DVD-RAM for testing and temp file storage

The “how much” part of the question is hard to answer because my burning habits fluctuate a great deal.


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mostly I’m burning my back-up file and images I have taken with my Nikon D70s.Occasionally I also burning an image file of my games collection, so I don’t have to use my original DVD game disc. In fact, my original games only tough the drive once, for making an image that is.If I count, I must have burning about 700 CDs from the day I got my CDRW drive, and a couple hundreds DVD. and I make a DVD movie too. a wedding movie to be exact


Yeah basically the same here. I mail order some of my burned money too :wink:


Mainly CD-DVD Speed test discs at the moment. :doh:


You have too much media too? :wink:

I rarely ever burn CD-DVD Speed test discs, usually only after installing a new drive or on other similarly special occasions. I can’t stand wasting discs. :bigsmile:

I usually burn backups of my original music CDs on CD-R.
I also burn movies made by my friends and data backups (stuff like backups of the websites I created for customers) on DVD+/-R and CD-R.

My everyday CD-R is 48x/52x TY, my everyday DVD+/-Rs are 16x Verbatim and 16x TY.
(Of course I have HP/CMC for the less important stuff, and lots of weird and rare 4x and 8x stuff (Ricoh, Verbatim MIS, TY, Maxell, TDK) for special occasions, but for somebody like me, nothing is special enough to rip open a MCC 001 (Made in Singapore)…)


Wash your mouth out, there’s no such thing as “too much media” :wink:


I respectfully disagree: There is too much media coverage of reality television “stars”. :bigsmile:

If we’re talking optical media, then you’re spot on! :iagree:


Sounds like my wife. To much media :Z No way :stuck_out_tongue:

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Probably a couple of hundred all told - CDs and DVDs.
I most make back ups of audio CDs and for burning uploaded and edited vinyl. I expect to burn a lot more as I have a big vinyl music collection and haven’t got round to uploading even a fraction of it. When I get some time to do that (who knows when that will be :rolleyes: ) I could see several thousand being a realistic number.

I also tend to make two back ups of everything on different media… because I’m neurotic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m the same. I have the original set, plus two backup sets - all on different brands or manufacturers’ media. :slight_smile:

@rolling - we sure do :iagree:


:bigsmile: I also keep one on a hard drive, so I guess that counts as three plus the original… Maybe I need to get out more :rolleyes:


Me too, I forgot the HDD :doh:…I know I definitely need to get out more :rolleyes:


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Why are you recording them on CDs ? FLAC backups on DVD seems to me a much better solution for me. I can’t listen to music form CDs anymore…

I’m neurotic when it comes to backuping music: my music collection needs to be perfectly tagged with every possible things saved: album covers, lyrics, label, band members, band biography, album reviews. I’m creating a html page for all this things, so when i put in a disc with the music a menu appears in the browser from where where all the data is acessible. Most of the process is automated, but it still takes a hell lot of time, so usually i create only one disc per month.
The worst thing is, that i tend to listen quite obscure music, so often i can’t collect all those things, what makes me very frustraded.

Oh, and i can’t stand when there is more than 5 Megs of unused space on a DVD, so i do a lot of combination to fill the capacity effectively (while i have to sustain the monothemathic character of the disc, of course).

I guess i need a doctor…


:bigsmile: I understand completely!

Most of the CDs are for listening to in the car or home on standard players. I guess the real backup is on hard drive.
I alos have a lot of quite obscure music, so tend to have to do things manually.

I think a lot of us who are audio nuts would also need a doctor :iagree:


Gee … I backup stuff and use maybe 3 DVD’s a week … a few more if I decide to play with stuff … like archiving & restoring partitions … I’ve had a 100 spindle of TYG02 sitting on my desk unopened for about 9 months and have slowly been using the last of my TYG03/T03’s.

I’ve had the remnants of 3 spindles of various (good quality) CD media condensed into a single 50x spindle of mixed cd media that I haven’t touched for about 1 yr :stuck_out_tongue:

I just ordered a 20 spindle of Verbatim 2.4x DL media … and burnt the first one yesterday :slight_smile: