What AMD chip is best?



Just wanted to see what peoples thoughts on the right chip to get is .......


there are reviews on this on www.tomshardware.com, www.anandtech.com, etc.


Thi sis what I have:

1.2gHz AMD T-bird
512Mb pc133 ram
12 bay server case
geforce 2 pro 64 ddr video card with tv-out
soundblaster live mp3+
HP 9510 12x8x32
Samsung 5x DVD
CTX (sony licensed) Trinitron 17"
40Gb Western Digital Caviar 7200 rpm hdd

I have less than $800 in this system excluding monitor and DVD and I have not found anything it will not run. (I’ve been looking too.) It makes monster mp3s, burns quickly, and has awesome video playback.

I benchmarked it, and it beats the pants off a P4 1.5 with DDR. Well, or so they said. I don’t much care. For the price I paid on this amd chip, I’ll never own another intel processor. AMD is just too good.


im on a 1ghz athlon oc’ld to 1.133ghz think its a axia, been to 1.3ghz but i dint notice the speed difference so i leave it at 1.13 now
384mb pc133 memory
and a geforce2mx havent had any problems, does everything i want it to :slight_smile: