What am I missing?

OK so I took 6 months to build my dream computer, looking for the best parts at the best prices I could find and here it is.

Pent IV 3.0, the 3.2 was just too expensive
Gigabyte gaknxp ultra
Twin segates SATA 160gig drives
Ati\Aiw 9700 pro
500 Power source
Creative A2 pro snd card
Pioneer a106 dvd burner
LG 52x cd burner
Thermatake xaser II case
120 mm blowhole fan (12 fans all together)
Cornerstone p1750 22’ flat crt monitor.
2 very expensive sticks of Geil PC5300 (533 mhz)
1 Gig Dual channel DDR

Now my problem beside being about $2200 shy
in the wallet, when I go into my Bios (updated today)
it shows the ram at 400 mhz not 533 mhz
I know I could and will overclock it but my bios won’t let me change it.

So what gives ???
I could have gotten PC4000 (400 Mhz) for about $120.00 less
Thanks as always

BTW it ripps and converts at sick speeds.:wink:

I am assuming that you meant the GA-8KNXP Ultra. Looking at the specs on the Gigabyte site, it only supports up to 400MHz DDR.

So what exactly are you wanting??

If the board does not support 533MHz memory, then it doesnt support it. And it doesnt.

Sorry :frowning:

does that mean I can over-clock it up to 533 mhz ???
or even close to it ?

Thanks for the intel
I’m kinda new at OC


I am not familiar with that board/BIOS so I could’nt tell you for sure. If you go into the BIOS and it does not allow changing the speeds of the memory, then I would have to say that you will not be able to do it.

Most people buy slower memory and then use the bios to overclock the memory. This is not what you are trying to do. You bought faster memory and are trying to get the BIOS to run it at that speed, which as far as I know, cannot be done.

Sorry :frowning: Looks like you spent extra money on memory that you didnt have to.

First of all , Thank You for the replys
I have done some digging into my computer mags and got some good info, OC’s buy faster memory than their mobo’s spec-out @ so they can turn up the heat & volts, my memory will still be way below spec.

Then again gigabyte could always release a patch for my bios that could handle the faster memory.
Even at 400 mhz I’m ripping 90min flicks and compressing them on the fly in about 20 minutes.
Thanks Again for the input.