What am I doing wrong?

Hi, I am trying to copy a dvd but i have a problem. First I used DVD decrypter it said the protection type was css/cppm… i then decryped it onto my hard drive and the files were copied to a folder contaning 2 folders VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS. For some reason the AUDIO_TSI was empty. I then used a program called DVD shrink. and I resized everything…then it wrote it to another folder… at the correct size like 4.5 gigs… and there was 2 parts again… VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS… i then took the audio folder and video folder… and went to my EZ cd creator and went under DVD-data cd… put the 2 folders and burnt the cd (dvd+R)… my dvd player could not read it…I know i am doing something very wrong, or missing something… Thanks for the help guys…I think i am getting close.

If you use Roxio (Easy CD/DVD Creator), you should select ‘DVD Video’ as the disc type. ALternatively, google and download imgtool classic to make an .iso of the VIDEO_TS folder, then burn the .iso with your burning program of choice.

Your problem is that DVD-Video discs must be burned in a particular way (file x first, file y second, etc.) so that standalone players can read them. Your burning program will not do this for a DVD Data disc; you must specify DVD Video.

I have a stoopid question…i DID specify DVD-video and dragged the video.ts file to the window, then burned it. My PC knows there’s a disk in it, but doesn’t see the contents. i THINK it was set to bookmark it as ‘dvd-rom’. Oh wait…it WILL play back on my Mac. :))) Ok, so it seems it’s a PC side issue, maybe i need a better DVD software…hmmm, WMP won’t play it? No disk in drive? Ok…what did i do wrong? Burner is an NEC 3500AG w/ 2.17 firmware. Ritek G04 media burned with Nero at 4X.

Try dvd shrink with dvd decryptor they are both freeware and work together you start by analyzing then encoding (it will shrink it down by itself to fit on a single disk) and then it will switch over by itself and burn with dvd decryptor

Download Shrink and Decryptor here

Ok, I understand so that program will convert my video folder to a ISO and then just burn the ISO? My EZ- cd creator doesn not have the DVD-Video option (old verson) doees anyone know of a free dvd-video burning software?

In my last post click where it say download shrink and decryptor look under downloads and scroll about half way down the page

The particular file I happened to be dealing with was a 4.3GB file, and already would fit on one DVD.

Decrypter will only burn .iso files. Use imgtool classic (free) to create an .iso from a VIDEO_TS folder.

Nero has a DVD Video option, though I prefer btspm’s method as DVD Decrypter writes compliant discs…I still have issues even with the latest Nero despite them saying they fixed that problem :frowning: