What am I doing wrong?

Why can’t I burn this DVD using my NEC 2500A (as slave) ? (Running XP with FAT32 driver)

I’ve tried using Nero 6 Ultra and DVD Shrink 3.1 and get read errors…it copies partially to the harddrive but won’t burn from there either.

Using DVDDecrypter, I’ve tried pretty much every video combo available…
What’s this I/O business?

The DVD (single-layer video/with music files) plays with PowerDVD on the computer and on my home DVD player.

Oh yeah - HI !

How big is ur file?
and are u trying to make a backup of a dvd?

I’m trying to copy a video DVD

File size is 2.1 gig

Media I’m using is TDK 4X DVD+R 4.7gig.

I’ve tried everything on the forums various “how to’s”

Nothing seems to work.

Try this program Super DVD Copy


Worked perfectly…

Many thanks!

That’s what I call a ‘screenshot’ :stuck_out_tongue: