What am I doing wrong?

Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum, even though I’ve been reading your posts for a while …
I really need your help !

I’ve just got my 2500a today and installed it in my system:
Athlon 1.4Ghz
Win98 SE
512 ram
Asus A7V133 m/b

I have the hdd master on primary with a cdrom as slave.
I installed the 2500a on secondary as master(alone).
I don’t use round ide cables.

Every time I want to PLAY a dvd ( i use nero media or powerDVD) my system gives me the blue screen with the following message:

An exception 0E has occured at 0028:4FC48E22 in Vxd…called from 0028:C1C34E58 in Vxd scsi1hlp(03) + 00000508.

I checked in BIOS and the dvd shows up with PIO:4 DMA:2, just like the cdrom.
I tried unistalling the IDE channel and let windows to put its own driver.

No success so far …
I need your advice, please.
Thanks for reading my post.

I just found out that I get the same blue screen with same error message with ANY kind of cd or dvd I try to play…:frowning:
I remember having the same problem a couple of years ago when I wanted to install a Lite-On dvd-rom in my system.
HELP !!!

Do you have the jumper pins for the NEC 2500A physically set correctly? (as master) Some systems cannot handle cable select…

The jumpers are correctly set.
No cable-select.

Any other ideas where to look?

Problem solved.

How did you solve your problem?
Please share so that others who may have your problem in the future may benefit.

Ok, sorry for the delay. I’ve been testings some features, before making any other observations.
The problem was generated by a file ( actualy a virtual device driver) included with the Win98SE.
The file name is : scsi1hlp.vxd, found in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS
The fix is simple: rename this file’s extension from .vxd into .old, to prevent windows using it.

Last night, as I said, I was running some tests on capturing, encoding, burning.
Probably what I have to say now will be better fit in another section of this forum ( Nero forum) and I really don’t mind if a moderator will move it there.
I’ve read the post on “CPU usage…” and I was surprised too to learn that Nero is pretty resource-exhaustive.
First I used the Smart Start of the Nero 6, to find out that my resources dropped to 35% when capturing from my DV camcorder. As for playback an .avi file, the result is horribly choppy (it plays beautiful with other programs).
I stopped using the Smart start and opened the program independently(Nero Vision Express 2) and I saw that the resource usage was smaller, but still significant.
I tried Ulead Video Studio 5 and worked like a charm !
I finally used Nero Vision Express to encode the .avi file obtained with Ulead, and to create the DVD. Well, the encoding took about 8 hours ( 1 hour and 1/2 video) and now I have my first home-made DVD.
Could be my version of Nero 6.3.03 kind of buggy or…?
Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I hope there’s some valuable information in here.

I’ve heard the TMPGenc DVD author works well for converting/encoding video files to dvd format.
Encoding/reencoding video is very CPU intensive and will max out your CPU no matter what application you are using.

I understand that very well, but that wasn’t the issue here…
I’ve been using Ulead and TMPGenc for a while and I know.

Cool, good job narrowing it down to scsi1hlp.vxd :wink: