What am i doing wrong?

hello people,

i want to backup a DVD and i cannot seem to succeed :frowning:

here’s what i did :

*ripped the DVD (DVD-9) with DVD Decrypter to my harddrive
*made the ripped parts regionfree with the DVD Decrypter patch
*used DVDshrink to reduce the size of the DVD using several compression techniques embedded in the tool
*burned to DVD-R using CloneDVD.

i cannot manage to play the final product (a DVD-R) on my Samsung 811 - standalone DVD player.

the weird thing is that the above mentioned method seemed to work with 2 other DVD’s (DVD-9).

does anyone see a flaw in the method used for backing up an original DVD to a DVD-R ?

replies in dutch or english please.

many thanx in advance :wink:


20 views and no answers?
come on people,


The Samsung 811 is a bit picky about DVD-R Media. The only DVD-R a friend of mine have had any luck with at the moment is the DVD-R from Memorex.

I Hope this is help you futher.

so the process for backing up a DVD is entirely correct the way i described it?

Well I use:

  • DVDshrink v. 3.0 (Convert to 4.7 GB)
  • CloneDVD to burn out the files from the HD to DVD.

And it work for me.