What am I doing wrong?

I have just copied Battlefield 1942, and it installed fine. I went to run the game, and the Safedisc 2 protection kicked in at the splash screen, and simply exited.

This same problem has happened to me before with REd Alert 2, also Safedisc 2. I know i am copying them correctly, what i want to know is, is there something special i should be doing to get them to play correctly? I am playing these in a burner - i thought that might be the problem - but i have “Hide CD-R Media” enabled anyway!! So why isnt it working? :bow:

Are you running Windows XP? If you are there is a patch that fixs a problem with WinXP and SD2 games, even the origanals where they dont play. Go to microsoft.com and search for Safedisc 2 and you will get a link to the patch. And if you aren’t running XP i’d say try it on another computer to make sure it works and if it does get a new drive to play yoru games in.

Thanks nouturn20;

I downloaded the update like you said - it still doesnt work though. The orginal runs fine, the copy doesnt.

I tried the same copy on a friends’ computer - also running XP - except he only has a CD-ROM drive, not a burner. His worked fine. I only have a burner, and mine doesnt work. And yes, I do have Hide CD-R Media enabled from the Clone CD tray.

So, the problem is, it wont run on my machine because i’m trying to play it in a burner. Apart from buying a new cdrom drive, there must be a way to get around this. Surely.

Any help would be much appreciated,


use www.daemon-tools.com and select safedisc emulation .

you can also check if you have an unreadable sector below 1000, in this event that means that your backup is not good .

Here is an interesting twist…

The copy is exactly the same as the one my friend uses. He has a burner, and a standard cdrom drive. His copy works in both.

I only have a burner, and my copy doesnt work.

My friend suspects the reason, is that my burner is set up as the master CD drive, where as he also has cdrom drive. His works in the cd rom drive, because that’s the one that’s setup as master (or something like that). This proves wrong our earilier theories that the game just doesnt run in any sort of cd burner.

Any help?
Come on!

try hide cdr media in the clone cd tray…safedisc 2.4 and up has a check for cdr media

No offence ckin, but I already mentioned that twice in my previous posts.

Did you enavle AWS by any chance? If your drive is not a safedisc killer (lite-on) then you need this enabled. Try using the CD Freaks Safedisc profile (AWS enabled) to burn the games.

Well, i dont know why it wouldnt work for me; probably my cd drive was crap or something.

anyway, i got around it by using a program which extracts the real .exe from the one found on the cd, which has the safedisc “wrapping” around it.