What am i doing wrong?

My quality scans show allot of errors. BTW, i’m new to the dvd scene. I used nero recode2 to rip and burn (in conjunction with anydvd), I used advanced analysis and high quality mode. burned at x8 using verbatim x16.

amd 64 3200+
msi k8n neo4 ultra
512 mb ddr400 dc
6600gt oc
gsa-4163b (a104)

You can’t use a DVD reader for disk quality check, you must use a DVD writer.

With a DVD-ROM, the only viable way to check for quality is to use a firmware patched for 14x or 16x +R/-R reading and see how smooth the transfer rate graph in CD-DVD Speed looks.

OH, ok. well that sucks, my gsa-4163b does’nt allow me to check the quality of a disc. Just wondering, is there any way to enable quality scan, like a hacked firmware or is it hardware ? also why does it have to be a writer, all it’s doing is reading the disc?

No, unfortunately.

ok, here is the transfer test. is this good or bad ?