What am I doing wrong?



Up to now I have scaned all my discs with my liteon and kprobe, this is my first complete scan with my benq burner as reader to compare with your results … but I don’t understand, allthough I set the read speed to 4x it never went over 1.2x. Ok I love the result but I would prefer to be able to test it at 4x to get a better idea of the quality… Kprobe with a liteon burner shows alot more errors but sometimes if I scan the same disc twice I don’t get exactly the same results … How do you get a good reliable result if the burners that everyone sugest you should read with don’t give the same result each scan ??
This disc was burnt at 12x with my benq burner


go update to a new version…current is 3.70…yours it seems it a old verson of cd-dvd speed


Also change your setting to 8x instead of 4x.


ok thanks I’ll give that a go… but I’ve got version 3.23 surely not that out of date…?


Yeah version 3.23 is way out of date just follow the above suggestions and rescan.


thats out of date…do what we advise you…or else dun ask…:D:D

i am being bad…lol…go download 3.70 …thats all it will solve your issue


The download is slow, while I’m waiting for the whole nero update pack here are 3 scans I did of the same disc without taking it out of my liteon drive one after the other in kprobe, its not the program that is at fault, it seems that my liteon drive does not always read exaclty the same…


Where are you downloading cdspeed from? Go here www.cdspeed2000.com


thanks :wink: actually I was downloading the whole nero update pack as I did not know abou this site I’ve just installed it on this computer and am now doing so on the computer with the benq drive


ok here is the result all works well thanks … why such a difference between benq and liteon results? same disc just different reader… the liteon seems to say worse quality in the middle of the disc and the benq says that the disc has roughly the same quality all over…