What am I doing wrong?

Hi all,
I ve just bought a plextor PX-712A and tried to backup my GroundControl 2 dvd and Silent Hill 4 dvd( both serurom protected)
(I had never had any problems with any cdr backups except starforce with my plex premium)
Well,the problem is that i dont know if im doing it in the right way so i will explain what I did:

PX-712A(last firmware)

1º-- Getting BWA files:I was reallly surprised to the fact that readings were always 100 % quality but u could see that curve wasnt clean so i loaded last file and cleaned the bw to use it. (perhaps it was right but im not an expert lol)

2º–Reading DVD:Opened Tweaker:
Basic Settings:Autoplay,Read,Write 4x,Error Ignore,Data and Audio Subcodes always extract.
Topology:Never extract,method Automatic,writing topology automatic.

3º–Writing BackUp:Opened tweaker:
I used option write with autoplay and selected my bwa file

(reading writing 4x)(using 4x dvds)

Things that happened:
Silent Hill4: The name of the blindwrite image is different to what it says in the auto insert notification (it was always DVD ROM…but never the real name of the dvd)
Besides the reading was always very fast (at least 4x was not)
I burned the image and it gave an error when i was installing it in my tests pc,i tried to see if it worked in the pc where i have silent hill4 installed and it diddnt)

Ground Control2:
Reading ok.
WrITING: Suddenly an error( I realized that recording speed was faster than 4x but i selected 4x)

What am I doing wrong?
perhaps my dvd writer is not ok? ( cause never had problems with swcurom and my cd writer plex permium)


I ve noticed that speed write in my dvd writer is always more than 4x although i fix it to 4x ,besides if i trie to burn an image of alcohol it only allows STRANGE speeds of 63 x 47x 31 x