What am I doing wrong with these TYG02's and my 1655?



Tried with SB on/off and WOPC on/off and am getting some weird results from scan to scan. They are genuine unbranded TY’s with a GG000077 batch #. I don’t believe it’s a bad batch b/c my Lite-On burns them fine with pretty good results.

Here is some scans. The 1st is the first burned with SB on, WOPC off. The 2nd is the 6th withSB on, WOPC off. The third is with SB off/ WOPC off. The 4th is with SB on/WOPC on. The 5th is burned with a Lite-On 1635, scanned with the 1655.


This could just be media variation from the same spindle. I have had some TYG02’s and TYG03’s that were not great, but gave different results from a different part of the cake box. I would at least try to clear your learned media in Qsuite and try some burns from a different location in the cake box. Resetting learned media doesn’t hurt as I burned this TYG02, first burn after clearing learned media.
How do your scans look with other -R media? I have a 1640 that won’t read -R media very well it almost doubles the PIE when compared with my other BenQ drives.


Clear the learned discs and try OS/SB Off for known media and WOPC on. Let us know!


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I have noticed in some scans this drive pausing for a sec or two & around 22 times. This I feel is affecting the quality of the scan. In the past (say 1640) when this ocurred changing f/w could result in a solution for this glitch. Unforunately not an option at present. Very rarely this scanning effect is only part of a bigger picture, where there’s a problem with the drive. I don’t think this is the problem in your case as one of the other related problems is that learned memory will not show anything (you have to be careful here as this can often be some s/w or config related type of thing). If you have some + media try that (quite often this dropping off while scanning is related to - media) to see if you get better results. Short term it may be a case of not scanning or using a different drive for this process.
Despite everything your scans are not that bad. Although I appreciate particularly when looking around you see better results from (crossg :stuck_out_tongue: ) some users. Here’s hoping that a f/w update will come soon & eliminate all your woes.


Well I guess it won’t hurt me to clear known media, as I don’t use SB with my T02’s (my dedicated +R media).

Here is another good burn, unfortunately with my Lite-On. Consistent burns with the LO. I may have to wind up using this for these if all else fails, but I like my 1655 too much to give up this soon. (This is a Lite-On 1635, I don’t know why it’s showing up as a Sony?).


I also have batch #077, mediocre results with 1655 and great scans with 1640 you are not doing anything wrong. I think a FW update will help :wink:


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Hehe. You probably used the codeguy’s firmware and it usually comes with Lite-On or Sony FW in the zip. I believe you can use the new Omnipatcher to change the drive ID if it bothers you. I had the same problem btw.:wink:


The Sony DW-*** thing also happens with official LiteOn software, and it’s not just for the LiteOn 1635S. I’m not sure why LiteOn has this in their firmware - whether it’s deliberate for some obscure reason, or whether it’s by accident.

What new Omnipatcher? AFAIK Omnipatcher doesn’t support 5S or 6S models yet!? :confused: Since this is getting more and more off-topic, please respond by PM if you have the answer.


No that is easy my mistake I was thinnking 1653. Misread.:doh:


Here is the latest after clearing learned media. Using CloneDVD2 with SB on/WOPC off @ 8x. Guess I will have to rely on the Lite-On for these, at least for now…


Thanks for the info, now I don’t feel like an idiot. :doh:


Well, it [U]was[/U] a OEM until I crossflashed to retail firmware. Forgot what I used to do it.

Decided to burn at least this batch with the Lite-On…just have to have the best burn that I can as I archive all my scans for future referencing.

Thanks to all who contributed to this resolution!


BenQs are notorious for problems when scanning TYG02 but I don’t think that is your problem. To clear this up you need to take one of your early BenQ burns and scan it on the Liteon at 4X and then the BenQ at 8X and compare those.


Hi :slight_smile:
As implied in my earlier post (#4) I believe this to be a f/w related problem. That has surfaced in the past,in both 1620 & 1640 f/w. So the good news is that hopefully new f/w will see an end to this. The bad news is that with several drives released in a short space of time, it’s likely that f/w updates will be released at longer intervals. As team efforts are split to cover these new additions. Lets hope this isn’t the case.


I think it’s on time to refresh memory… :smiley:
1620/1640 have produced some of the best burns on TYG02 I’ve seen, just take a look in any “Fame” or “Dare fastest” thread.

The secret is to disable WOPC, on 1620/1640 at least. :slight_smile:


I am seeing the exact same behaviour that jhtalisman reports. I’ve tried varoius combinations of SB and WOPC on/off but I cant get the recipie correct. The thing I havent done is clear the known media types. I seem to recal getting amazing burns and scans when the drive was “fresh out of the box” than I do now. Is the “known media types” to blame, and if so, is there a way to disable it?


duurr, I’m an idiot. I suppose that if I just set “Supported Disc” to “Non-Activated” that should do it. :o


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LOL so true. :iagree: - nicely put [B]zebadee[/B].


Just so I am clear, and I don’t also screw up when my 1655 arrives next week,

what is the correct setting for TYG02s?