What am i doing wrong trying update early sony u10 firmware

downloaded the firmware for my drive sony500a 20f zip. i unzip it all get 3 boxes.1,box like dvd writer.2,sendcom file.3,sendcom driver.try the update box says drive not recognised.can somebody point me in the right direction.the present drive only works at 2x.any help appreciated.present drive=sonyide u10a.
colin.ps firmware picked up from the cdfreaks firmware section.

Sony provides firmware updates for their retail DRU-500A models. Though the DW-U10A is identical to a DRU-500A, the official DRU-500A flash tools wont flash a DW-U10A drive. There are modified flashers that let you convert your drive, otherwise there are some firmwares meant for the DW-U10A out there.