What am I doing wrong? Sony RDR HDX860 won't play XviD on CD

I am sorry to say that this might be a very silly question but I have to start somewhere.
I have a Sony RDR HDX860 hard drive and dvd player which supports DivX.If I download a torrent -the xdiv type.I use the simlpe option allthough I do have nero and pick up the file and drag it onto the CD drive icon and burn them.The files play on my computer but sometimes will not play on my Sony and I cant work out why.
How do i pick the right torrent and what can I be doing wrong-Should I avoid stuff labelled HDTV as we dont have it.
I just want to understand what I am doing-sorry to sound stupid.

The Divx/Xvid codec inside the hardware chips of standalone dvd players are not very stable. Some will play back, some won’t. Same applies with subtitling. It also depends on the file size, file properties and the filename.

How to pick the right torrent is impossible to tell. A torrent is just like a url, it hosts some data. I have no idea which are good and which are not, because it depends on what files you want.

You can forget about HDTV, unless you actually have a HD-supported television :slight_smile:

Aha it is as I thought-it all depends!!!Thanks for that.Can anyone advise on the filename or properties then.Could i alter the filename?
However the hdtv ones do work so that is ok as I just tried it.

Draging & Dropping will use InCD & so totally the wrong format for any DVD player.

Create a data disc within Nero & make sure the disk is closed/finalised & that you don’t use multi-session.

What would altering the FILENAME give you?
Also, what you describe as “HDTV content” is most likely [B]downsized[/B] but only in hdtv captured content…

Is the device similar to this one?

that is the very one-not that i am any wiser!!!

Oh dear -its a wonder it worked at all then.OOps and thanks