What am I doing wrong? Please help me

Hi, I got a new computer and I am attemping to burn a video on to DVD. I downloaded the video files in the Newsgroups. I have Nero as my burner which I have always used in burning vcd and svcd formats. I open Nero and put in all the vob files and everything I downloaded and get all set to burn and I get the following message " DVD-Video files reallocation failed". then i get a message saying “Violation against dvd specification detected”. These files were posted in the Newsgroups but I can’t burn them into a movie. Please, what am I doing wrong? many thanks as all help is deeply appreciated.

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Have you tried to update to newer version?

Hi Rolling 56,
Should I go up to Nero 7? The Nero I am using should handle this and I thought maybe I was missing something to my Nero in order to burn a DVD.
I have K-Lite Standard codec nstalled. Do I need to add something else or would Nero 7 handle it.? I am just lost. I deeply appreciate you answering. many thanks.

By the way, what does “DVD Video files reallocation failed” mean. Many thanks again.

I agree with rolling56
also you said you [B]downloaded[/B] to newsgroups
if you downloaded it then most likely it may have a locking volume which is giving you the problem that you are having and also may be the reason you get the message that you are receiving when trying to burn it

First, I would recommend against going to Nero 7 not out of bias but that since you have Nero 6.0 they do have updates for Nero that updates Nero 6 to Nero on their site. Yes, sounds like bias but from reading all those users with problems with Nero 7 gives me the chills that they would release a program that has so many glitches and bugs and massive 100MB updates. Unless they give a good Nero program I would stay with my Nero as it works fine for my needs and don’t really more bells and whistles that I will never use.

When you burn a dvd there should only be a AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folder. They must be spelled with the uppercase and the underscore. The AUDIO_TS folder should be empty and the only thing in the VIDEO_TS folder should be the vobs,ifos, and bups. When you name the dvd it’s best the the name be uppercase as well with underscores instead of spaces to be safe. Anything else may cause the error you’re getting. Sometimes though you’ll get that error with Nero but the burn will be fine. You may want to consider using Imgburn in the ‘build’ mode and see how things work out.