What am I doing wrong for ###sake

Ripped DVD using dvd2onex. The ripped and compressed Video_TS folder located on the hardrive will play fine using Apple’s DVD player but once that folder has been burned using Toast I just get coasters. Each time I try to play the DVD I get a “operation not possible” message or something close to it. If using the menu I select the Video_TS folder on the disc instead of just hitting play I get "Valid Media Stream Not Detected. Help! I’ve burned tons of DVD’s using toast before and it seems like DVD2onex is doing a great job compressing the Video_TS folder and the folder plays fine on the hardrive just not once it has been burned. I’ve tried full disk mode and the selective mode and it is always the same errors. I’ve also used DVD-RW(at one speed) and Apple’s DVD-R Media at both 2x & 4x. I must be doing something wrong can anyone help me as I really need to back up this DVD and I’ve already made 8 coasters. Thankyou.

Please list the contents of one of your compressed VIDEO_TS directories. Does it contain:

Are you SURE you’re choosing the VIDEO_TS folder?

In Toast, be sure to have first selected “DVD” from the “Other” menu. Any other way of burning a disk will simply copy data onto the disk, instead of triggering the special DVD flavor that you need.

When it’s showing DVD, also make sure you have your disk set up as follows:

– click “New DVD.”

– Where the new “Untitled DVD” name appears, feel free to rename your disk using capital letters and underlines instead of spaces.

– Click “Add Folder,” and create one called AUDIO_TS.

– Drag the newly compressed VIDEO_TS directory from Finder into Toast’s center window. Make sure it’s on the same level as the AUDIO_TS folder, and not inside it.

– Check the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder to make sure there isn’t a .DS_Store file there – this is something OS X uses in Finder, and should be removed in Toast.

– Final DVD file size shouldn’t show more than 4.4 GB.

– Now burn!

Good luck!

OK here are the contents of one of the dvd’s I’m trying to burn.


Schmeg I’ve followed your instructions exactly but each time I try to play the DVD on Apple’s DVD player I get a “Not Permitted” message and on two stand alone DVD players I got a scrolling “No Disk” message.

I don’t believe any of the DVD’s I’ve wanted to backup are encrypted but I’ve also made many attempts at burning after using DVDbackup but the end result is the same :a :a :a :a :frowning: :frowning: :confused: :a

OK… let’s start at the beginning…

  1. Rip all of your files using DVD Decrypter (the latest ver) using File mode, and make sure to select ALL files.

  2. Use DVD2One to “transcode” the DVD data. I always use full disk, as I like the menus etc.

  3. Once that is done, I use CopyToDVD… wonderful program… all you have to do is select dvd video… select the Video_TS folder, and the first IFO file listed in the TS folder. The program automatically makes the Video_TS and the AUDIO_TS folder for you. Out of about 300 copies… 100% success rate!

Good luck!


Tymoc I can’t use DVD Decrypter as I’m on a mac. I’m at a complete loss.

Originally posted by augustfall
Tymoc I can’t use DVD Decrypter as I’m on a mac. I’m at a complete loss.

Rip your dvd’s with DVDBackup. You should be able to find it on Versiontracker.com. If the ripped file is 4.4gb or less then you can burn the movie with Toast in DVD mode, no need to use DTOX. If the ripped file is greater than 4.4gb, then you have to process it with DTOX to get the size down before burning. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:

I’ve used dvdback and I still get the same thing, 11 coasters thus far.

Make that 12. I’m off to CompUSA for a DVD-RW. F#ck!:a

Ok. Just had the same problem yesturday with my mac. It wont play on Apples DVD Player 4.0 you get the system error. But mine did play on my home dvd player and my PS2.

I think what you need to do basted on Toast help section is if you are burning a VIDEO_TS file you DO NOT want to burn under the VIDEO tab, but the DATA tab. This is because you have all ready created the Video_ts file and toast dose not have to make it for you.

When you select the Data tab make sure you select DVD_ROM (UDF)

Then follow the steps above.

I have not yet tryed this but based on toast help page this should work!

Please let me know so I can save some DVD’s Too!


Consider ALL the DVDs to be endcripted… notice the stong empasis on ALL. I do not believe you will acomplish anything in saving a DVD , burning etc, until you resolve the encryption thing. I’ve used DVD2ONE for about a year now and have no coasters… but I use a homebuilt AMD Athlon with Barton core and lots of other things, so the system is decidedly different.

Just be mindful of encrypted DVD and that 321 Studios lost the battle on making backup DVDs with their software and have now, 6 days to cease.