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My name is Chris, I live in the U. S. I haven’t bought any sort of cd or dvd recorder yet, but thought I’d get some advice first.


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but thought I’d get some advice first.

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just wanted to say welcome … nice to see you on forum …read around and you will learn lots of stuff or just ask people they are more than welcome to help ya

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Originally posted by spark that bled
I haven’t bought any sort of cd or dvd recorder yet, but thought I’d get some advice first.

You want advice on what kind of CD or DVD recorder is best to buy?
Well, this depends on what you want to burn. If you want to burn DVD’s you need a DVD writer since CD writers don’t burn DVDs. It does work the other way arount though; you can burn CDs with a DVD writer. (eej, this is the newbie forum so please let me note this :p)

If you want a CD writer a good choise would be a Lite-On. The last few years Lite-On has made very good drives and there topmodel is still a very good choise. There are also allot of other drives available, if you want to find out more about them have a look at the CD Freaks review-database.

If you want a DVD writer you can also check that database.
There are 3 types of DVDwriters. There is DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD±R. If you plan to buy a +R drive you need +R media, -R requires -R media. ±R can write both types of media.
Read this this article if you want to know the difference between + & -R.

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just my two cents …

I have a dvd burner that i have backup all my movies and made movies no problem tdk 440n

also my burners I use and love are plex premium first …it does securom so well and sd 2.9 does well too

memorex burner …does both well but when doing securom it does twin peaks but still very good

tkd 5200 b burner does really tooo

lite ons are really good too and so are asus but they are not ready availiable to me … well just 2 weeks ago …liteon burner came to best buy so i might get it to try out hehhehe …it has rainer support …which from my understanding works like big floppy for cdrw …

oh and another dvd burner that i have used alot is memorex +r burner and it does great too …

those are drives I have had alot of experience with and once again just my two cents


Hi Chris!

Nice to see you around and we would be glad to help you out, if you want to be sure you don’t have to buy 2 drives, you’d better get yourself a DVD recorder, all of them are also able to record CD-Rs.

Currently the latest Plextor is one of the most anticipated drives, but if you have less to spend you can also get yourself e.g. a NEC, Lite-On or Pioneer.

I would advice you to get at least one that supports DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W), because both formats are still in somekind of war.



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I still don’t get the DVD burning thing yet…

Backup your movies is fine… I guess. I do backup my CD’s so that’s fair enough. (Ummm…some of my “backups” may not actually be mine though…heh).

But unless you like to burn DVD’s full of downloaded material and such so you don’t need a bunch of CD’s to swap…that sounds more reasonable to when one must decide they need a DVD writer. 2 DVD’s with MAME ROMS is much better than the 9+ CD roms it needs now. OUCH.

Of course, video editing and making DVDs for home video… Then you MUST get a DVD burner as this medium rocks for that purpose. Sending people a compressed video file they need a computer to watch it on, and the codec, etc… a real pain. Send the sucker to your family on a DVD and all is easy & good…

That is, unless you accidentally send the video you made on vacation with your buddies in Thailand. DOH!