What actually causes CRC error? Any fix?

  1. I have read this “cyclic redundancy error” is caused by a generated number in the attempted copy not matching the generated number in the original which causes the copy attempt to stop.

What causes this?

I have a sony dvd+rw disk that records in my Liteon 5045 and copies to my computer without errors. Then I record the same disk in my Ilo05 and I get CRC one or two errors at the start of the disk and uncountable errors near the 5 hour mark.

I then erase the disk and get another perfect disk from the Liteon. I then erase the disk and get more CRC errors in different places from the Ilo05.

In other words, I don’t think it is the disk that has bad dye==it seems to me that the recorder itself is putting bad info on the disk that causes the problem? Some of the errors will play on either machine without notice, but won’t allow copying of the files. Some of the errors result in pixilation or hanging on a frame but this is all variable.

  1. Regardless==is there a copy program that will simply copy what is there without hanging up on these crc errors? Seems simple enough but I haven’t found one that will do it.


  1. Ur disc might be dirty, scratched up or dust in dive/dvd.
    2.This should helpo u resolve the crc problem.

I have to tell u that Super DVD copy can rip this files to ur hd with out the crc thing but keep in mine that this could cause a slight skip where the crc occurs.

I used that program and it did create entire files rather than give an error message and stop copying. Unfortuneately, the file it created won’t open or play==so, that means to me that large area’s of the disk have corrupted areas?

I would think I had a bad dvd+rw except for the fact that I erased it and then got a perfect recording in my other machine. There “might be” dirt or dust in the ILO but it is “brand new” and shouldn’t have that problem. Course, it shouldn’t have the problem of not being able to burn a disk either. Burns the Sony write once disks “fairly” well==ie one coaster out of four so far.

Its a small sample but these disks are failing or getting corrupted mostly after about 2 hours of recording and the disks come out of the unit very warm to the touch. I wonder if this is an overheating problem?

I don’t trust hot electronics. I’m going to return this model and look for another liteon or maybe a panasonic.

Super DVD Copy looks like it might be a good program for those disks that only have a small patch of bad recording?===>Thanks for the help. Bobbo.


“CRC Error” means that the disc has failed a “Cyclic Redundancy Check”. Essentially there’s a nice little rotating checksum for every so many bytes. When that checksum doesn’t match up, for WHATEVER reason, it is said that the sector has “failed CRC”. Possible reasons include:

  • Intentional damage (copy protection)
  • Scratches
  • Dust
  • Poor pressing (inner layers not matching up properly)