What about Yandex?

Hi folks,

This forum is (I guess) the closest I found for the topic I’d like to raise: Does anybody know something about Google’s russian counterpart Yandex? Can it be considered as a serious counterpart to the American browser?

Russian made search engine and lately browser, built mostly from the open-source version of Google’s Chrome.Made for Russian speakers, actually for the Russian diaspora in the world.

It is fast, suprisingly well performing browser, but far from being perfect as in some aspects is complicated, has problems with facebook messages and notifications etc.

So, if you speak Russian and want a perfect browser, search engine for Russian sites, it is an ideal choice.

Hm… I guess I will stick to google, have read that yandex installs itself rather aggressively if chosen to be one’s browser, and neither do I speak russian, BTW…

Yandex plays no role in the western world but is a good Russian snitch (informant/sniffer dog) having its nose in all western web contents.