What about VHS?


 I'm about to purchase AnyDVD and CloneDVD2.  I've tested it with DVDs and it works just fine.  I have just installed "Dazzle Video Creator Platinum" which will allow me to connect my VCR to the PC via a USB port.  Here's the big question.  If I have AnyDVD running in the background and I want to put the contents of a VHS tape on a DVD (I have everything necessary to record), or load it to the hard drive first, will the AnyDVD software get around the copyright stuff?  Any assistance on this would be great...



Analogue copy protection such as that found on VHS tape is limited to Macrovision. As far as I know, AnyDVD deals with copy protection in the digital domain and will not influence any analogue transfers.

It will probably be down to the ‘Dazzle’ capture device to filter the signal; if it doesn’t then you might have to buy a suitable filter lead to make a proper backup copy of your tapes.

I have purchased, what is called a Video Enhancer. Specifically, it is called a “Second Generation” DVD/Video Color Corrector. When I spoke with the person who sold it to me, he told me that this device, when placed in-line between the DVR/VCR and the next unit, in this case, the “Dazzle” equipment, will override the copyright stuff. At that point, I would assume that the signal is clean and able to be placed on the hard drive (I prefer to write to the drive first and then back to a DVD).
Once the information from the VHS has been loaded to the hard drive. Would you say that the image has been made digital or will it always be analog?
I appreciate the information that you have already provided.


OK that’s good that you have such a filter already.

Yes, once the cleaned-up analogue signal has been through the digital-to-analogue coversion process on the ‘Dazzle’ device, it will have been saved as digital information on the hard drive.

I’m not how familiar you are with the rest of the procedure, but to make a DVD-Video of this, you will need an authoring program of some kind to convert the MPEG2 file to the required standards. Such a process should keep the already-saved material in the digital domain though, and it would be essential to use a program that doesn’t re-encode what you have already digitised (and thereby suffer another copy-generation loss).

Would this process also work using Dazzle 90 and is there a difference between a regular DVD (+/-R 4.7 G) and a DVD-video? Long story but a salesman at Best Buy sold me the Dazzle 90 to use for copying my LPs to cd which did not work (due to turntable configuration & sound card- InPort did just fine along with Audio Cleaning Lab 10) But I still have the unused Dazzle 90 & a couple of former Russian videos on VHS (not Pal format) that my LG-517 DVD-VHS recorder doesn’t like to dub from vhs to DVD- get the copy protected message & I still need to backup these videos to DVD format. The Dazzle 90 box says will import & export in MPEG-1 & MPeg-2 amongst others.- I do know what MPeg-4 is as we have a few ballets in this format via Russia that I can play on the LG-517. To add to the above questions- can one transfer (?) Mpeg-4 format to a regular or DL DVD as Mpeg4 isn’t all that popular here in the US it seems. And finally, what would such an authoring program be? Currently have Nero 6.4++ & CloneDVD2 on hand. Where would one acquire a 2nd generation DVD/Vidoe color corrector as mentioned in Vince’s post?
Thanks again for your response and advise to Vince above- after reading-it started me thinking that I did have a somewhat simular situation also & didn’t have a clue on how to make it work.
Thanks again- CD Freaks forums & moderators are a wonderful thing

Once you’ve got your vhs mpeg2 on your hd , check this site http://www.videohelp.com/
should be able to answer your ? 's

If I were you I would purchase a DVR/VCR recorder (Stand Alone) and have Video Enhancer (Sima -1) connected between output of the VCR and input of DVR(DVD) recorder and enjoy dubbing every VHS type with or without copy protection converted to DVD format without any problem or hassle.

Wow…thanks for all the help from everybody. Here’s an update. First, I bought the “Dazzle” at Best Buy. Current price is $90. It’s the Platinum edition and it comes with three CDs. One is for “Instant DVD Recording”, one is for “Studio Launcher”, and one has some bonus stuff on it. The “Studio Launcher” looks to be for about everything known to man that has to do with making and editting pictures, sound, movies, etc. That’s great…later, when I have time, I’ll look into it. The “Instant DVD Recording” is a reasonably simple procedure for writing to DVD or Hard Drive. I’m doing that as I type this. Back in the 70’s, I bought the entire Twilight Zone series on VHS. Worrying that the tapes are becoming brittle, I wanted to put them on DVD, before they break. I’ve connected the “Dazzle” device, identified as a “DVC170”, by Windows XP (USB connection), connected the DVR/VCR to it by means of left and right audio and video jacks and away we go. Now, if there is a copyright on this tape, then it went right by it. I found though, that the bulk of these tapes never had the copyright on it, so this test is to see what happens when the images go to disk, which it’s doing right now. After it finishes, we’ll see about getting it on a DVD. As I had stated, I have AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, now the software that came with “Dazzle” and I also have AoADVD Copy. Enough to choke a horse. I also have the Video Enhancer device, which may come into play when I hit the copyright on a VHS tape.
My thanks for all the help, and as I progress with this, I will keep everyone posted.
I am still wide open to any suggestions, and particularly interested in any experiences others have had with VHS. I realize this is mostly a DVD forum, but there’s still a lot of tapes that need to be transfered over. I still have to do all the original Star Treks and Star Wars.

Thanks so much


yes we got to love Best Buy. I’ve had super luck dubbing 120out of 140 VHS tapes over to 4.7g DVD using the LG-517 dvd/vhs recorder (last Nov. on sale open box at Circuit City for $200.00) BUT, hit a snag when I got the copy protected msg on a few tapes I was backing up- so now I’ll follow the direction your taking to get those vhs tapes backed up. Where did you buy the video color enhancer? ( my summer vacation time on my daughter’s extensive ballet video collection- most are out of print and some from Russia early 1910-50’s film that was transfered and no longer available even on vhs let alone on dvd)
Wishing you luck & “Twilight Zone” was great- I’m old enough to have watched the original airings & I did!

Hey Judy,

 I saw them when they came out the first time also.  If you want to email me at ######.com, I'll send you the name of the guy who has the enhancer.  If I recall, it was $35.  Bad news, though.  In using the Dazzle 170DVC and software, I experienced multiple problems.  One is, I noticed that the video and audio were "jumpy" while it was transmitting to the PC.  Then, when the DVD finished recording, the program and the DVD continued for hours.  Had to abort it.  Also, I did load the VHS to my hard drive and it created a VOB file.  AnyDVD's Clone2 has a feature for this (I think) but I can't get it to work.  Now, you would think that a guy with 35 years of computer experience and one of the original inventers/donators to the internet, would be able to fix all of this.  Nope.  I have a trouble ticket in to Pinnacle (the Dazzle people).  I'm really disappointed with this because I just bought the entire original Star Trek series on VHS with the intention of transferring them to DVD.  I'll be off of work in a while and then it's back to it.  If anyone else is reading this.  I could seriously use some help here.


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