What about Verbatim vs Verbatim?



I want to get a batch of Verbatim dvd+rw. Meritline is currently having a sale on TY but they also are offering TWO different Verbatim dvd+rw’s. The only described differences are the manufacturing ID and the price.

At 1.50 per disk you get the individual case. At 100 per disk you get 30 in a stack. I assume these are different disks because the MID is different but I would pay the extra 50cents if there was any information to justify it==either on the Meritline website or at the Verbatim website.

Seems like the FCC should require some “standards” given the marketplace has no power??? ((Thats rhetorical angst!))—Thanks for any comments.


Don’t see 2 different on these site. But then again I’m not searching very well.
If you link it to me I could take a look at it. Now it’s to vague.


dakhaas==I sincerely apologize. I “thought” about providing a link and then thought “everyone” knows meritline. I think this is only one step above pure laziness and begging for no response so I thank you.

I apologize because it wasn’t meritline, it was supermediastore. Interestingly, Meritline offers the same platicpack Verbatim x4 dvd+rw for one dollar more per disk. Still no specs though although one of their screens sorts dvd’s in ascending order from a general category up to “professional”–but verbatim isn’t listed and neither is their scoring basis.


The TY’s are still on sale looking good. Thanks again for your helpful reminder.///bobbo.


Hmm don’t see different : manufacturing ID or you mean the partnr.
Well that’s because it’s a different product logistically speaking. (Read a 10 box of jewelcased vs a 30 box spindle.)
Quality of both products officially should be the same.