What about this scan?

Can someone please give me an opinion on this scan? I am having trouble figuring out what is what in KProbe. The burn was made with LiteOn 812s (USOF firmware). The disc was tested in Sony DDU 1611 without a problem. I don’t have a stand-alone player.

It looks good to me but try another scan with the 812S itself and it might be better to use “alt + printscreen” to copy the image of Kprobe to include the setting display.

The scan was made with 812s. I only tried the disc in 1611 to test it in another device. Thanks for the quick reply.

the scan you show does not show 812s as the model. so it couldnt have been scanned in the 812s. what scan means is test it using the 812s. also scans are done at 4x not max.

I see. I thought it was a scan done in Sony because the speed was set to “max” in the image. Set the speed to 4x and see what happens.

Both the “Max” in PI Max and PIF Max and “Average” in the PI and PIF are important I think. 45 and 5.79 for PI and 2 and 0.01 for PIF are safe.

I did another scan, this time speed was set at 4x. I notice that Total PI errrors is bigger (20000 more), but the average is just a little higher. I used 812s, but I don’t know why doesn’t the program report it. That is the only drive with the disc in it, so there can’t be any mistake.