What about the protections of office XP



it says that there is a great copy protection in office Xp.
It will be released tomorrow, but if anyone has cracked it, reply please.
I have not got a copy yet ( i have a ripped version on my pc ). i thought it came from CB. i don’t know.

Well, let me know… please?!

i hate that protections, but if i can copy and ik works, it is fine with me…

C U later


If you can read Dutch you can read a small explanation in this topic: http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?threadid=30721

But it is not the copying of the CDs that is the problem, that one is easy. It is the product activation that is the problem.

Since I have the feeling you are Dutch, I’d like to refer you to above topic, for I am too lazy to translate it all into English right now :wink: