What about the Philips PCRW1208 and SD2

Looking at Philips homepage i noticed the new 12/8/32 burner from Philips. It doesnt seem to have any underun protection, but is it at least safe to assume that it can copy SafeDisc 2 CD’s perfectly?(since all other philips drives seem to?)

According to Elaborate Byte’s (and mine)Cd writer compatibility list, it is able to copy the SD2, but not the Securom.

Hmm, if it isnt a better reader than the Acer 1208 why use it then, at least the Acer has Seamless Link.
Btw, how did you figure it couldnt copy Securom from that list?

The P-W codes.
If the burner can write 96 bytes of subcodes, it can write the whole disk bit by bit, but unfortunately the SD2 tricks the burner in another way.

Well. the Acer 1208 should be optimal then, it writes in RAW+96 and does safedisc 2, too bad its a poor reader, but i guess it would be smart to get a Toshiba CD-Rom for the reading, with the Acer’s Seamless Link direct copying would be flawless