What about the NEC ND-3551?

The 3551 has a really nice price now in local stores near my place, so I am considering buying it. But then I came here, and I had to advance to page 6 of this subforum to find the first reference of the 3551. And it wasn’t really an informative one! This is surprising… what is the reason?
Bad drive?
Old, almost out of the market drive?
Do you own one, and are you happy with it? Would you advise someone to buy it?

I must say I don’t care for DVD-RAM capabilities.

Thanks in advance,

because most 3550 is more popular in US (same with 4570)
LabelFlash burner is not popular in the market

I don’t believe most people have a favorable view of x55x drives. If you want a Labelflash drive, I would recommend the Pioneer 111.