What about the contest



I guess most people have read the info about the “free cd contest”. there a many contributions (I made one to, Prutser), some really kewl and original some less beautifull and almost a 1: 1 copy. But still these are contributions.
When I was looking to all these contributions I notest that only a small % of the members did post something, I think this isn’t a good thing.(Although I’ve got more change to win). My request is, send a contribution, that way the CD-FREAKS MEMBERS can see that we realy love them !!!

I know that there are a lot of faults in this txt, but we may not speak dutch here

My contribution can be downloaden (winamp skin) from my homepage

The number 2000
( http:\prutsers.cjb.net )


Youre right!!! Ill start right away!

TheScape http://scapewarez.cjb.net