What about that new Dutch "nazi" helmet?

Some Dutch company is selling plastic helmets, especially produced for the soccer world cup (2006, Germany). The shape of the helmet is identical to the helmet the German soldiers carried during WWII. The color is orange (national color of the Dutch) and there are two versions. One of them has a German text, saying something like “Get ready to rumble”. The other version says in quasi-Dutch “ATTACK!!”.

Many people (Dutch and German) feel offended by this helmet, as this strongly reminds them of WWII and its horrors. Also, the German text on the helmet seems to be disliked by many (for obvious reasons).

So… what about this helmet? Do you feel this to be acceptable, as it’s been over 60 years since WWII came to an end and Germany is a respected country again?

Obviously it’s designed like that to cause a stir and to attract attention, however as a helmet the design is great. The shape lives on in US-army helmets of today.

Sounds like a typical storm in a waterglass.

A picture says more than a thousand threads :slight_smile:

Personally i don’t like it.

Nice mishmash of colours there. Horrible font aswell. Orange is enough, no need for that tricolor.

Its phun… :bigsmile:


i’m german, i don’t feel offended.
who cares about it?
a helmet is a helmet, the shape is always similar. at least, if you didn’t catch a grenade with it :wink:

I fell off my chair laughing …

I can see the soccers teams cringing with embarassement as the entire stadium burst into laughter as the teams fans march in wearing those abominations.

The world needs a good laugh … let them wear it … for the sake of the world :wink: