What about TDK +R DL in Compusa?

The TDK +R DL 25pk cake in Compusa is made by Ritek.
The code reads as “RITEK D01 001 (1h)”.

It is on sale this week. Is it a good buy?

Not unless it’s about $10 and you don’t mind getting marginal results. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know it’s got to be horrid stuff if scoobiedoobie wouldn’t even recommend it, as he will give even the cheapest junk the benefit of the doubt. :wink:

Cheap doesn’t make something junk, being junk makes something junk. I have no issue trying cheap media and have found several kinds of cheap media that perform well, there are definite bargains out there if you know which ones are worth buying. I’ve always preferred to try media out for myself since early on with DVD burning, reading ‘experts’ make claims of certain sources of media being junk without proof to back it up and my own results contradicting those claims. But I wouldn’t recommend Ritek DL unless, as I said above, it’s extremely cheap and even then you’re still willing to deal with marginal results as a best case scenario. It’s a lot easier to suggest bargains in SL media, DL is much tougher to get decent results with and the much higher initial cost means it’s a greater risk. It’s good that people try out media for themselves, but the results with these discs is pretty overwhelming - marginal results at best.

You misread what I was trying to post. The point is that you give just about any media a shot and a fair shake to boot, so if you are calling something bad media, it really has to be bad since you have put them all through the test. :wink:

I know you weren’t trying to say anything bad, just wanted to clarify for anyone new to DVD media. :slight_smile: I probably could have just said some bargains are worth giving a try, while others are not.

cough LordSmurf cough :bigsmile:

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Stay away from any Ritek made DL.
Here is a sample. Written by Plextor 760A @4X w/ Nero6.

Hi, Check my post. Its RITEK D01 too. If you have a good DVD burner like mine, you can have a good burn with RITEK D01 at 2.4x speed.

Maybe you should try to burn it at 2.4x speed?