What About Plextor?

If you check the news thread, you hear a lot about other CDRWs, especially Lite-on, being able to overclock. I’m not really greedy for the extra 30 sec shave off the time, but I am curious and I’d like to know if anyone has heard about overclocking from a Plextor 24x?


after reading the latest results of the lg …
I 2 now am wondering about my plex … I did try 2 upgrade a while ago but it didn’t wk

When you say overclock…you mean increasing the PCI bus speed, right?
If so, I’m overclocking my Plextor 40/12/40A (1.02) to 38.5 Mhz (PIII933 @ 1080 / 154FSB) It burns a full data CDR (16x media) in about 3:30.

no we meant overclocking the plextor so that it can burn at a faster speed 24>32>40

Really? how do you do that?!?

You do it buy buying a LiteOn LTR-32125W, then using a little program called MTKFLASH to put VS02 firmware from the LTR-48125W drive onto it.

Max burn speed goes from 32X to 48X, burn quality is still top-notch on decent media, and burning switches from Z-CLV to CAV, meaning a better, faster burn at any speed.

Hope that helps you.

More info here:


Ok, but back to the issue, isn’t there any hope for Plextor? Awhile back, I think I may have heard something, but that was when 24x was the fastest. I really hope they do something for plextor, its a really good CDRW drive.

BTW, NEVER do that PCI overclocking thing, it kills your drives. For example, I killed two CD-Rom drives by overclocking my FSB from 133 to 147, too big of a price to pay for like 200 point extra on 3DMark score, normally you can’t even notice it.

Oh I also have a lil problem, with all my CD-Rs I can only burn 20x most of the time, when the CD-Rs are suppose to be either 24x or 32x, in TDK and Imation brand. What could be causing this?


Oh I also have a lil problem, with all my CD-Rs I can only burn 20x most of the time, when the CD-Rs are suppose to be either 24x or 32x, in TDK and Imation brand. What could be causing this?

I think its PowerREC II, if it doesn’t think it’s a 24x certified media it will burn at the speed it detected.

I also have a Plextor 24x cdrw drive. Does anyone know how to overclock it? I heard the “guts” are the same as a Liteon drive and all you need is a firmware upgrade. Actually, I am clueless about this and there seems to be a few people here that actually are knowledgeable on this subject. Any help you could provide on this specific subject matter would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

As far as I know it’s impossible to overclock a Plextor drive. Plextor using Lite-On internals is absolute nonsense. I have both 48X writer models here and they’re not the same I can guarantee you. They don’t even sound the same :wink:

I cant understand why people would even risk overclocking a CDRW. I am still using a plex 121032A and I burn a lot of discs. Even if in theory I could overclock my drive to 48x I wouldn’t. The speed increase is not worth the risk. My drive might seem slow by a lot of people on this forum but I can still burn a full disc in about 8 mins. People are talking about overclocking from 32x to 48x, the difference in burning a full disc between these speeds is tiny.

At some point I’ll upgrade but I have a lot of blank CDR media rated at 16x which I sell and a lot of CDRW media rated at 4x used for storage but I now use DVD RAM for storage so I’m in no hurry. I’ll wait till a 100x, burn disc in 10 seconds drive comes out.

At this present time drives are so cheap … a good drive that is, the latest plextor drive I have seen 4 $125… much cheaper than when I bought my 24x…

But the whole thing of the overclocking is if it can b done then why not do it 4 doing sake… since afterwards there would b a smile …

So even if i did kill my drive I guess I could always go out & buy the real deal…

Well I guess if you can risk breaking your computer then go for it. Remember though, all parts are interconected (more or less) and burning out one part could have knock on effects. Is a few seconds quicker burn worth the risk. At the end of the day its up to the individual but I think computers are so fast these days that trying to squeeze a few percent is not worth it.

I have a 2GHx P4 with RDRAM which as a test I ran at 2.4GHz (FSB at 110MHz). It ran stable, I have a coolermaster case so the whole system runs cool. I run it at 2GHz because its fast enough. I am looking to upgrade the only decision is whether to go with the new 1066 RDRAM or the new 400MHz DDR Ram with the new SIS chip (I forget the number). VIA always seem to have too many compatibility issues for me. I know this is getting off topic but its related to overclocking.